Is IDrive HIPAA compliant?

Yes, IDrive has stated that it is HIPAA compliant. Security protocols meet HIPAA regulations, and IDrive will sign a business associate agreement (BAA).

IDrive offers online backup services that covered entities can use for protected health information (PHI). Both digital and physical security maintain the confidentiality of patient information.

Encryption is a critical feature for ensuring that your backup cloud software is HIPAA compliant, and it’s available through IDrive. Data encryption and secure transmission help to prevent unauthorized access to individually identifiable health records. If someone hacks the offsite server, encryption protects the files from access and use.

IDrive’s world-class data center uses modern technology, including SOC approved data protection, to prevent the unauthorized use of data. Physical safeguards, administrative procedures, and technical security manage access to the data center and vaults.

Additionally, IDrive provides features to protect against human error. The True Archiving service means that data always remains on the IDrive account until you perform an archive cleanup or manually delete the files from the archive. On the desktop application, users have 30 days to restore files from the trash.

Customers using this service for PHI must have an IDrive Business account, which allows for unlimited computers and users.

IDrive will sign a business associate agreement (BAA) for covered entities.

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IDrive is an automated online backup solution to archive files in the cloud. This service works on all devices, including Macs, PCs, iPhones, Android devices, and other smartphones and tablets.


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