Is Virtru HIPAA compliant?

Yes, Virtru is a HIPAA compliance because Virtru will sign a Business Associate Agreement (BAA). Virtru's data protection services meet requirements with encryption and access restriction.

Virtru provides HIPAA-compliant data protection services that encrypt email and files to protect confidential patient health information (PHI). HIPAA defines specific technical standards for data encryption, and Virtru meets or exceeds these standards at all times. Encryption protects files while they are in transit and at rest.
Additionally, Virtru provides administrative controls for managing emails, photos, videos, PDFs, and Office files. You can manage authorization to allow or disallow users to access specific content and types of content. Tracking and monitoring features provide real-time protection for patient information.
Other HIPAA-compliant security features include forwarding restrictions and the ability to revoke messages after they are sent. When sharing information between patients and colleagues, the content is always protected, private, and audit-ready.Virtru offers client-side email encryption if you’re using the plugin with on-device encryption. When creating information on the device, the protection occurs immediately (before distribution). Advanced controls allow end-to-end encryption, so patient information is always safe.
Virtru can integrate end-to-end encryption in Gmail. Google will sign a BAA and ensure protection for content within your email account. But privacy control isn’t available when the data leaves the Gmail ecosystem. Virtru offers an extra layer of security to strengthen privacy controls after email leaves your inbox. When using Virtru and Gmail together, you must have a signed Business Associate Agreement (BAA) from both providers.
All Virtru services meet or exceed technology standards required for HIPAA compliance. Virtru is willing to sign a (BAA) for customers on most of its paid plans. BAAs aren’t available if you are an unpaid user with a Personal Privacy account. If you need a signed BAA, purchase a paid plan and contact the support team to receive this HIPAA-compliant documentation. It usually takes one to two weeks to receive the countersigned document. You should not enter patient health information in the system until this document is signed.

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Virtru provides tools that allow data sharing and management, with full privacy and control for users. End-to-end encryption makes it easy to collaborate and share sensitive information, such as emails, documents, photos, and videos.


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