Is Jotform HIPAA compliant?

Yes, Jotform is HIPAA compliant since they provide a business associate agreement for your organization to sign. After that, your company can start using HIPAA compliant online forms and safely deal with sensitive health information.

Jotform offers HIPAA compliance in their Silver and Gold plans. If your company needs a HIPAA compliant solution, you can easily enable HIPAA compliance from the settings of your JotForm account and then Jotform will email a signed BAA to you. You also have to sign the BAA in order to become HIPAA compliant. 

If you already have a Jotform account and would like to upgrade to HIPAA compliance, you don’t need to make any changes on your existing forms, once you activate HIPAA compliance, your data will be automatically transferred to HIPAA servers and you’ll be HIPAA compliant. 

Jotform’s HIPAA compliant online forms start the encryption of your data as soon as your HIPAA compliant form starts being populated. The transfer and the storage of your sensitive information also take place under encryption. JotForm also has many integrations with other HIPAA compliant services such as Google Drive, Dropbox, etc. You can also accept online payments with Jotform’s HIPAA compliant online forms. Jotform offers many different payment gateway integrations.

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Jotform is an online form builder with an easy drag and drop interface, no coding skill is required. It allows users to create customized & well-designed forms quickly and easily. Jotform helps businesses and individuals to collect online payments, generate leads, conduct surveys, manage job applications, plan events, and much more.


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