Is Google Calendar HIPAA compliant?

Yes, Google Calendar has affirmed that it is HIPAA compliant. Access, security, and audit controls ensure the safety of protected health information (PHI). Also, Google will sign a business associate agreement (BAA).

Google Calendar is a service offered through Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) that makes it easy for users to track appointments and manage their schedules. This tool ensures the safety of PHI, as long as you configure the security, access, and audit settings to prevent the disclosure or misuse of PHI.The default settings in Google Calendar share all information with team members in your domain. Security features allow you to set meetings that involve PHI to “Private” to maintain confidentiality. This setting shows the time as “Busy” without disclosing information about the meeting. With proper privacy settings, the program won’t include PHI in the meeting details, such as the title and description.The free version of Google Calendar doesn’t adhere to HIPAA compliance standards. Covered entities must be on a paid Google Workspace Business or Enterprise plan. The paid plans give users the option to manage Google Calendar security controls to meet HIPAA requirements.Google will sign a BAA with covered entities using these paid versions of Google Workspace. This BAA covers the following tools available in Google Workspace: Google Calendar, Google Meet, Google Drive, Google Keep, Jamboard, Google Sites, Google Cloud Search, and Google Vault.

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Google Calendar allows users to quickly schedule events and meetings, and provides meeting reminders. Google Calendar is part of Google Workspace, formerly G Suite.


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