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Customer relationship management (CRM) platforms can be a great way to keep track of customer or patient information — but does your preferred CRM platform enable HIPAA compliance? Find out with Jotform’s HIPAA compliance checker! Just select a popular CRM platform below to discover if it enables HIPAA compliance and keeps your patient health information safe. With Jotform’s free CRM integrations and HIPAA-friendly forms, you can even collect medical data via online forms and sync it to your CRM platform automatically.

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The Salesforce platform can be set up to meet HIPAA compliance standards through certain features that help keep protected health information (PHI) secure in the cloud. Salesforce includes administrative, physical, technical, organizational, and documentation safeguards to protect PHI.Customers can use customer-controlled security features through Salesforce Covered Services. Additionally, Salesforce has security safeguards such as data encryption in transit, ongoing monitoring for security violations, and audit logging to identify changes in activity. Customer administrators can use configurable tools to define permission sets that govern the visibility of data, maintain strict password security, monitor field level history, set security rules to manage data access, define a company-wide sharing model and role hierarchy.In addition to permission sets, customers can define user profiles to limit data record access to authorized employees.It’s a good idea to use the premium set of Salesforce features known as “Salesforce Shield.” These features provide extra monitoring, encryption, and auditing. You might need to enable other features or additional services to ensure the protection of PHI when information is in transit.If you’re planning to use Salesforce for patient information, reach out to your account representative for a signed Business Associate Agreement (BAA). The account representative can also advise you on specific features and settings for HIPAA compliance.