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Online Forms: A Teacher’s Best Friend

May 05, 2016
From wrangling kids to putting together lesson plans, a teacher’s plate is always full. While the amount of work is never-ending, online forms can provide a way to speed up some items on your to-do list and free up a few minutes for that much-needed breather. 

Conduct Online Quizzes and Tests
With computers and tablets available in a lot of classrooms these days, digital test-taking is becoming commonplace. Students can submit answers electronically, which you can then export into a report for easier grading. You can also integrate your JotForm account with Google Sheets and store every student’s grades in a single document. This will save you tons of time at the end of the year when you calculate final grades. 

Avoid Money Mishaps
Whether you’re asking your students to bring in money for a field trip or taking donations for a fundraiser, there’s always a slight chance that the money might get misplaced en route to the classroom. Give parents an easier way to send payments using an online form with an integrated payment option so that everything can be done online. This also saves you from having to make a trip to the bank and make a deposit. All of the funds will be sent directly to your payments account for immediate use! 

field trip payment form

Plan for Next Year
One of the hardest parts of a teacher’s job is to make sure your curriculum is created with each student’s needs in mind. Send out evaluation forms to each of your students to gauge how they’re learning and areas where you can help them be even more successful. Whether you do this monthly or at the end of the school year, the information you collect will surely help you adjust your lesson plan as you move forward. 

How are you using JotForm in the classroom? 

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quantuminplusinternational (May 12, 2016 at 11:04 AM)

i really appreciate your forms. If it's possible, just a suggestion if you can make a form with "call" action so that customers can immediately dial and call us.

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