United Way Roanoke Valley empowers staff and engages its community with Jotform Enterprise

United Way Roanoke Valley empowers staff and engages its community with Jotform Enterprise

United Way of Roanoke Valley (UWRV) has a vision to elevate 10,000 families to self-sufficiency by 2030. To do this, staff survey the community to identify needs and work with partner organizations to enhance access to childcare, healthcare, and education.

UWRV’s database manager, Becky Dudley, sought a flexible, affordable, turnkey solution to digitize the organization’s Smart to Start program applications.

Jotform was the best thing we found. It’s flexible, and the pricing worked. I just logged in and got started. That’s how easy Jotform Enterprise is. It’s great.

Becky Dudley
Contacts with families recorded by community healthcare workers for annual impact reportSubmissions per monthIncrease in processing speed for designated gifts (same day vs one week)

Dudley shared her experience with the local health department, which needed to conduct a health equity study. Jotform Enterprise’s mobile forms let them quickly gather data across a vast county and create reports on the fly about the information they’d collected, where they’d successfully canvased, and which zip codes had low participation.

“Jotform Enterprise helped ensure that the healthcare needs of two rural counties were heard and received equal representation,” says Dudley.

Now UWRV’s community healthcare workers use Jotform’s mobile capabilities to increase time in the field.

We don’t want community healthcare workers writing paper reports at their desks. With Jotform Enterprise, they can file reports on their phones or a tablet from the other side of the county. It’s really convenient.

Becky Dudley

Empowering staff with a simple interface and robust resources 

Dudley is the lone person in UWRV’s IT department, so having a tool that’s easy for people to use makes a big difference.

Jotform Enterprise is fun to play with. People get to be creative, and with so many resources, little to no training is required.

Becky Dudley

Dudley also benefits from the dedicated Enterprise Customer Success team. “The response time is unbelievably fast,” she says.

Using Jotform Teams and a HIPAA server for privacy and protection

Dudley set up Jotform Teams to organize department resources and protect sensitive information.

Jotform Teams is nice because it lets people who want to work together store all their pages and forms in one place.

Becky Dudley

Not all the data UWRV collects is subject to HIPAA, but the role-based access in Jotform Teams and a HIPAA-provisioned server build trust, particularly for donation and payment pages.

“We got a HIPAA version of our server for COVID-19 vaccine signups, and it’s so inexpensive, we kept it,” says Dudley. “It’s worth it to tell our donors that we are taking extra steps to protect their information.”

“Jotform also partners with so many different payment platforms that we were able to continue using Cybersource to process payments, making it that much easier for us,” Dudley says. “There was no additional cost or setup work to use Jotform to take online payments.”

Empowering staff with intuitive, drag-and-drop solutions 

UWRV’s Family Access and Engagement team gathers with parents from remote areas to identify community needs, including access to early childhood education.

“We’re trying to give everybody a seat at the table,” says Dudley. “With Jotform Enterprise, one person was able to set up the survey, collect the signatures, and do everything without asking me a single question.”

Plus, using Jotform Sign to collect e-signatures eliminated the need for an expensive, third-party e-signature app.

Dudley is proud of the charity golf tournament registration form she created to replace a click-heavy donor database version.

“It’s awesome,” she says. “I love the form I built because it’s completely driven by the person registering. It registers people and automatically generates and sends an invoice to them. We also use our Jotform integration with ClickUp to make our lives even easier.”

Jotform Enterprise makes users feel empowered, self-sufficient, and that they can’t mess anything up. It’s ideal. Nobody wants help with everything; most people want to do things independently.

Becky Dudley

Automating campaign reporting with Digest Emails

As its annual charity golf event drew near, staff focused on ensuring enough people were registered. Instead of manually exploring submission data, Dudley created a digest email.

“We were constantly checking submissions,” she says.

The nice thing about Digest Emails is I can send all the information ‘auto-magically.’ I don’t have to log in, nobody has to go to Google Sheets, and it’s quick to set up.

Becky Dudley

Dudley anticipates using Digest Emails to support future events, manage seating, plan catering, and accommodate last-minute registrations.

“I can change the frequency of Digest Emails to accommodate each team,” she says. “Thanks to Jotform Enterprise, I can build things on the fly as needs change.”

Streamlining designated gifts with Jotform Enterprise

UWRV often routes 501(c)(3) donations based on donor designations. Previously, Dudley asked organizations to complete a fillable PDF form to prove their nonprofit status. Many were printed, handwritten, and returned by mail.

Now, Dudley manages all designated gifts through Jotform Enterprise so she can follow up on each donor’s intention as quickly as possible.

“At the height of campaign season, Digest Emails help me see how many forms are completed,” she says.

The individuals filling out the forms are thrilled with the change, and I’m getting forms back the same day instead of in a week. Jotform Enterprise has made a huge difference.

Becky Dudley

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Lainie is the Enterprise marketing manager and team lead at Jotform. With a career spanning 20+ years, she’s written for global management consulting firms, entrepreneurs, educational organizations, and nonprofits. A published author, her work has appeared in industry trades and educational guidebooks. Outside of work, Lainie enjoys live music, gardening, travel, volunteering, and the outdoors. You can reach Lainie through her contact form.

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