How to get dedicated customer support in real time

How to get dedicated customer support in real time

Customer service often gets a bad rap, despite its good intentions. Most of us can recall an experience with customer service that resulted in more frustration than anything else due to long wait times, under-prepared staff, automated responses, or other issues.

Here at Jotform, our products are built to work seamlessly with minimal assistance required — we want you to have the freedom to quickly build exactly what you need without breaking a sweat.

But we know that support for our services can be essential, especially when you’re wielding the full power of Jotform and its suite of products. That’s why we’ve made 24-7 customer support a priority, with real people to help you achieve your goals.

Our users deserve far better than the professional standard. Across multiple industries, the average response time to support requests via email is an astonishing 12 hours and 10 minutes, with 62 percent of companies not responding at all.


At Jotform, our customer support team will never leave you hanging. And our average response time is a mere fraction of what’s unfortunately considered the norm. Every support request is treated with the utmost respect, no matter the query, and it’s all free.

There are times, however, when immediate support is essential.

Pro Tip

Give your customers the support they need with Jotform Enterprise.

Dedicated support with Jotform Enterprise

With Jotform Enterprise, customers enjoy premium, real-time access to Jotform’s global support team. We also provide a dedicated customer success team to guide you as you use our products and services. Easily schedule a Zoom meeting with your support team so they can provide instant solutions.

Similarly, Enterprise customers can now get a custom-branded native app with the Jotform White-Labeled App. Our team of developers can create the perfect app for your organization. You can publish it on Apple’s App Store or Google Play with public or private access.

We’re here to help

Our staff is more than ready to answer any questions you may have about Jotform Enterprise.

Every Jotform user receives prompt, helpful attention from our support team. We want to erase any negative connotations the term “customer service” or “customer support” may conjure. At Jotform, we’re here to accomplish that mission, one valued user at a time.

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