Honor Health Network supercharges home care with Jotform Enterprise and Egnyte

Honor Health Network supercharges home care with Jotform Enterprise and Egnyte

Changing the healthcare landscape is no small task, but Honor Health Network is up for the challenge. Serving over 8,000 patients every week, Honor Health Network is a home healthcare agency specializing in community engagement and top-tier patient care.

Tasked with collecting and organizing hundreds of thousands of paper healthcare forms, Honor Health Network looked to Jotform Enterprise and Egnyte for a more straightforward, secure solution.

Table Demonstrating the "Number of Forms", "Number of Submissions" and "Use Cases" of Honor Health Network

Shredding the paper

From physical patient intake forms to home health aide surveys and job applications, Honor Health Network was swimming in a sea of paper. Their solution? Leverage Jotform Enterprise to create intuitive online forms and integrate with Egnyte to organize and secure form-submission data.

“We used to email users a PDF form. They would need to print it, fill it out, take a picture of it, and send it back in. Some would even go to their local library to fax it in,” says Kayla S., a service center manager for Honor Health Network. “Now we just text them a Jotform link. They can open and fill it out, and their responses are saved directly to Egnyte. Plus, we get an email notification. It’s very useful.”

With Jotform Enterprise, Honor Health Network has created 500-plus online forms, collecting over 190,000 monthly submissions.

We Jotform everything and we make sure that everything goes digital.

Kayla S., Service Center Manager, Honor Health Network

Along with reduced paper waste and a vastly simplified workflow, Honor Health Network’s online forms have also saved time and improved data accuracy.

Taking digitization and automation one step further, Honor Health Network leverages the Egnyte integration for Jotform Enterprise to route form submission data to an Egnyte database automatically. This process makes it easy for staff members to quickly and securely access data through Egnyte’s desktop app and web portal.

“Our staff is happier because there’s less work on their end, and it’s easier for users to send us their completed documents,” says Kayla. “It’s beneficial for both sides.”

Mobile form-filling

Because it specializes in home healthcare, Honor Health Network needed a form solution that works seamlessly on mobile devices.

“We have nurses using Jotform in the field for patient intake. With tablets for mobile form-filling, the process is much faster,” Kayla says. “There’s no login process; users can just open up the link, fill out their information, and send it in. Lots of users aren’t very tech-savvy, so it’s a straightforward process for them.”

Mobile forms from Jotform Enterprise allow Honor Health Network’s nurses and home aides to quickly and easily collect important patient health information from anywhere.

We have around 10,000 home health aides that regularly use Jotform for online form-filling.

Kayla S., Service Center Manager, Honor Health Network

Online forms help eliminate complexity from the form-filling process, giving nurses and home health aides more time to focus on providing care to patients.

Integrating and automating

By integrating Jotform Enterprise with Egnyte, Honor Health Network not only saves time, but also enhances security by using HIPAA-friendly forms and organizing protected health information (PHI) data in Egnyte databases.

Egnyte and Jotform Enterprise in combination are such a powerful force for improving our workflows.

Matt Koveleski, Director of IT, Honor Health Network

“Egnyte’s Secure and Govern features help us manage how content is shared, and Jotform’s HIPAA-specific forms allow us to keep tabs on exactly where sensitive HIPAA information is stored. Things are fast, easy, and secure across the board.”

In addition to integrating with Egnyte, Honor Health Network has also found more ways to automate their form processes with Jotform Enterprise. For example, they use conditional logic to shorten and automatically tailor forms to specific users. “Conditional logic makes form-filling very simple,” Kayla says. “Users only have to see fields that are specific to them.”

Another way Honor Health Network simplifies forms with Jotform Enterprise is by implementing prefill for multi-page forms and documents. “Our job applications are fully digital with Jotform Enterprise. Previously, our applications were 12 to 20 forms that required the applicant’s name and signature on each page,” says Kayla. “Jotform makes it so much easier. The applicant only needs to put in their name and signature once. It has for sure expedited our onboarding process.”

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