6 ways organizations can automate with Salesforce and Jotform Enterprise

6 ways organizations can automate with Salesforce and Jotform Enterprise

If data is an organization’s fuel, sales and marketing make up the engine that propels it forward. Yet, according to Salesforce, only 28 percent of a sales rep’s week is spent selling. Why? Too much manual work and time spent navigating systems to get things done.

This struggle isn’t unique to sales teams. Empowering all teams with a holistic solution that’s easy to navigate is critical to driving revenue, efficiency, employee satisfaction, and company performance.

Jotform for Salesforce makes it easy to build forms and collect data within Salesforce. Plus, with the powerful no-code, drag-and-drop tools on the Jotform Enterprise platform, teams that have a range of needs and technical abilities can create solutions to keep data and business operations flowing, with

  • Custom forms, apps, and workflow approvals 
  • Prefill, PDF editing, and e-signature capabilities
  • Online team workspaces for collaboration on shared resources
  • Customizable, automated reports with real-time data
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Jotform Enterprise also offers the highest security standards, so you can rest easy knowing your organizational data — and the integrity of your Salesforce instance — are protected.

Let’s look at six ways organizations are automating their business processes with Jotform for Salesforce and Jotform Enterprise.

1. Automatically route prospects and customers for better experiences

Knowing your customers’ needs is essential for building relationships and developing new products and services. Make it easy for people to engage with your organization by conducting regular surveys, inviting feedback on order forms and websites, and engaging audiences on the go with mobile experiences and apps.

Jotform for Salesforce gives you access to our powerful form builder within your Salesforce instance. Create smart forms with conditional logic that respond to each form filler’s input for a tailored form-filling experience. Route leads according to their geography; suggest products based on customer purchase history; or hide or display predefined fields, thank-you pages, or additional forms.

Jotform Enterprise customers can also take advantage of white labeling to customize every aspect of their form — including the URL — for consistent branding across their forms.

2. Automate form filling and maintain data integrity with Prefill

Make it easy for your customers and prospects to complete forms by prepopulating forms and surveys with data from your Salesforce account using Prefill functionality in the form builder. Populating fields with existing information saves precious time and increases the odds of form completion, keeping more leads and data flowing your way.

Screenshot in Jotform builder showing the prefill feature

Using Prefill also creates efficiencies on the back end. Prefilling fields limits the opportunity for manual data entry errors that would otherwise deteriorate data quality and gum up sales and marketing workflows.

For marketing teams working toward a deadline or important event, the Calendar view in Jotform Tables provides another option for viewing data and timelines outside of the Salesforce platform.

Pro Tip

Three Rivers Park District used to take reservations for its snow tubing hill using an Outlook calendar. It was a manual process, and not everyone could access the calendar. Now, the team uses a form and the Calendar view in Jotform Tables, so everyone can manage group reservations, print the calendar to post which groups are coming, and more.

Our ability to use Jotform Enterprise as a CRM tool has saved us about $10,000 in CRM professional services and $5,000 in CRM licenses, and it’s increased efficiency tremendously.

Simon Morgan, Senior Manager of Geographic Information System, Three Rivers Park District

Autoresponder emails let form respondents know you appreciate their input. Keep the conversation going with automated notification emails that prompt sales and customer service teams. Customize the recipient and subject line, and prefill the body of the email with form submission data to provide pertinent information at a glance.

3. Automate contract creation, work orders, inventory, and invoicing

Paperwork is a necessary part of business, but printing and papercuts should be optional. Digitize paper contracts, purchase orders, and more by converting them to fillable online forms with Jotform’s PDF Editor. You can also generate PDFs from form responses or upload existing documents to create a fillable PDF. Save time, reduce printing costs, and transform submission data into polished PDFs.

Jotform’s PDF Editor makes converting and updating paper forms a breeze. The first form I created was converted from paper using the PDF Editor to superimpose the online form onto our existing form language.

Bill Coller, Business Development Manager, OrthoIllinois

4. Automate e-signature collection with Jotform Sign

If you have a signature field on your document, Jotform Sign can help you automate e-signature collection. Simply enable Jotform Sign in your form to send documents for signature from the Jotform Enterprise platform via an email, link, or QR code.

Tracking the signature status of your documents is easy via Jotform Tables and the Jotform Sign inbox. Plus, Enterprise customers can collect unlimited e-signatures as part of their Enterprise plan. So go ahead and close that deal!

5. Automate the busywork of tracking approvals with Jotform Enterprise

Jotform Approvals makes managing the flow of contracts, work orders, and even offer letters easy. Instead of chasing status updates and manually writing follow-up emails, let Jotform manage the busywork by

  • Setting rules to allow one, all, or a majority of approvers to complete the process
  • Prompting individuals to view items that need their review
  • Requiring comments for rejected submissions to inform submitters about next steps
  • Enabling individuals to assign or take over an approval process for delegation

Approvals can also raise awareness and accountability in your sales processes. As

ACS Stainless Steel Fixings grew from a family-owned business into the U.K.’s largest, most innovative manufacturer of structural building components, the organization realized it needed a holistic way to track orders — especially those with discounts. In the first month of monitoring free-of-charge items and customer credits with Jotform Enterprise, ACS Stainless Steel Fixings saw a 50 percent reduction in requests.

case study acs stainless steel fixings

6. Automate campaign and KPI reporting with Tables and Reports

Got KPIs? Get automating.

Because form submission data collected with Jotform for Salesforce flows into both Salesforce and your Jotform Enterprise local data residency center, you can take advantage of various automated reporting features.

Keep track of customer and prospect data, and monitor pipeline flows and territory traction with one click using the reporting functionality in Jotform Tables. Communicate your accomplishments with charts and reports that are beautifully on brand. Take a page from David Kinzler, CEO of One to One Health, who leverages reporting to show how much money his customers save with their services.

one to one health case study

How can automation save you even more time? Spare yourself and your teams from one more update meeting with Digest Emails. Automatically send updates on submission data from one or multiple forms to keep teams on track and up to date.

Customize the send list, how frequently to send your email, what submission data to display, and the order of appearance. Choose from different visual representations to showcase data and communicate quickly. According to Becky Dudley, database manager for United Way of Roanoke Valley, it’s nothing short of magic.

united way case study

Supercharge your organization with automation from Jotform for Salesforce

Take advantage of powerful form automation, masterfully integrated with Salesforce. Using Jotform for Salesforce with our Enterprise platform creates efficiencies when building forms and managing data within Salesforce, and provides flexibility for others to develop solutions with powerful no-code, drag-and-drop automation.

Ready to automate with Jotform for Salesforce and Jotform Enterprise? Contact your account manager or our Enterprise Sales team.

Jotform is now on Salesforce AppExchange!

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Jotform is now on Salesforce AppExchange!
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