Announcing a new e-book: Jotform Enterprise for Beginners

Announcing a new e-book: Jotform Enterprise for Beginners

Form finaglers, Tables tinkerers, and workflow wizards, we have exciting news for you. The new Jotform Enterprise for Beginners e-book is available to download for free.

Whether you’re brand-new to the platform, considering new ways to automate your work, or eager to take a deeper dive with your team into all things Jotform Enterprise, answers and inspiration are just a click away.

This new handy reference guide covers the full depth and breadth of the Jotform Enterprise platform. Here’s a sneak peek at what’s awaiting you:

  • How to create, share, secure, and white label your forms
  • How to set up your server
  • Tips for using and managing Teams
  • Admin Console features, functionality, and customizations
  • Ways to leverage the Jotform Enterprise Mobile App and mobile forms
  • Taking automation to the next level with conditional logic, prefill, workflows, and more

In addition to tech tips and handy how-tos, you’ll also hear from individuals using Jotform Enterprise across various industries. Gain inspiration from their experience and consider how their practices could help you achieve your data and automation goals.

Praise for Jotform Enterprise for Beginners e-book

I wasn’t expecting the descriptions and range of topics to be quite so comprehensive. This exceeds my expectations of other software guides that I’ve read. The images are also extremely clear and relevant to the text.

James Watts, ExCeL London

If you’ve ever wondered if there’s a better, faster, or smarter way to get something done, this book is for you. Whether you’re managing widely distributed teams, coordinating large-scale campaigns, or simply want to create a better experience for your form fillers, Jotform Enterprise for Beginners can give you the guidance you need with step-by-step written and visual instruction.

There’s a lot to learn about the Jotform Enterprise platform. Download Jotform Enterprise for Beginners today to discover new ways to leverage our suite of products. It’s an excellent resource for admins and users alike. Consider uploading it to a team workspace or including it with your onboarding materials for quick and easy access.

We hope you enjoy the book. If you have any suggestions to make it better, let us know. We’re always looking for inspiration from our users.

Lainie is the Enterprise marketing manager and team lead at Jotform. With a career spanning 20+ years, she’s written for global management consulting firms, entrepreneurs, educational organizations, and nonprofits. A published author, her work has appeared in industry trades and educational guidebooks. Outside of work, Lainie enjoys live music, gardening, travel, volunteering, and the outdoors. You can reach Lainie through her contact form.

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