How Jotform Enterprise improves employee retention and growth

How Jotform Enterprise improves employee retention and growth

According to Great Place to Work, a happy workplace leads, on average, to triple the revenue growth, triple the stock performance, and 50 percent lower turnover. But what are the cultural drivers of workplace happiness? And does workplace happiness have the power to influence employee retention? 

Securing top talent has become increasingly difficult as the tight labor market persists and individuals weigh employment opportunities against entrepreneurial ventures. Retaining employees starts with attracting them, so what matters to workers? 

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Workers want work-life balance and more intelligent workplace technology 

According to a recent Gallup poll of U.S. employees, greater work-life balance and better personal wellbeing were the second most important considerations (behind compensation) when considering a job change. 

In Accenture’s Future of Work Study, 83 percent of workers said they would prefer hybrid work. While employers weigh the benefits of and concerns surrounding remote and hybrid work models, it’s worth noting that this same report showed that 85 percent of employees who think they can be productive everywhere plan to stay with their company for a long time. 

Moreover, a recent Gartner report noted that 69 percent of employees expect more intelligent systems that anticipate their needs, and 77 percent expect easier options for completing routine tasks.

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In thinking through what employees value most, it’s clear technology can play a critical role. With no-code productivity solutions, apps, and mobile forms, Jotform Enterprise makes it easy to meet employee expectations for technology and work-life balance. 

Four ways Jotform Enterprise improves work-life balance

  1. Automating routine tasks and approval processes can save employees countless hours sending emails back and forth. 
  2. Without the constant distraction of manually managing projects and processes, employees can focus on more strategic efforts and take on higher-level responsibilities.
  3. The digital platform and mobile-friendly forms make working and collaborating from anywhere a breeze. 
  4. Automated reporting, email notifications, and more make it easier to communicate with coworkers.
The key to true post-COVID wellness is to build employee resilience — giving them the benets and tools to sustain themselves, their coworkers, and their families as well as create a generally supportive attitude toward mental health

Given the focus on automation and work-from-anywhere technology, it’s important not to lose sight of the importance of social connection. Communication and connection play an essential role in the overall mental health of employees. COVID-19 spotlighted how isolation can wreak havoc on mental well-being. There’s also a staggering financial cost. 

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), depression and anxiety cost the global economy $1 trillion annually in lost productivity. And disconnection is one of the main reasons employees leave, with lonely employees costing U.S. companies up to $406 billion annually. 

How Jotform Enterprise helps workers stay connected in a digital environment

To protect and promote mental health in the workplace, ensure employees know support is readily available. Jotform Enterprise Mobile and Jotform Apps are ideal for creating online portals where employees can access links to resources and seek help in the moment without fear of stigma. 

The WHO recommends creating professional development programs and involving employees in decision-making to provide a sense of control and participation. With a no-code, drag-and-drop environment and a wealth of user guides and videos, Jotform Enterprise makes it easy for employees to create custom forms, templates, and workflows, giving them opportunities to contribute, learn new skills, and report on their impact.

Another way to enhance community and culture is by documenting inclusive practices. This can be as simple as posting employment policies and feedback mechanisms or developing a digital booklet with your organization’s mission, values, strategy, culture, and profiles of teams and leaders. Again, Jotform Enterprise Mobile and Jotform Apps can provide a platform to securely host internal resources.

Happy, empowered employees drive organizational growth

Good news! According to McKinsey, companies with top quartile cultures post a return to shareholders that’s 60 percent higher than median companies. They are also 1.3 times more likely to report outperforming traditional goals. So efforts to meet employee expectations for workplace tools and maintain a healthy culture can also ensure an organization’s health. 

What’s more, there seems to be evidence that embracing a digital-first approach goes hand in hand with organizational growth. Accenture’s latest Future of Work Study found that 63 percent of high-growth companies have adopted a “productivity anywhere” workforce model.

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While remote and hybrid work environments may not be suitable for every organization, having the systems to support them can avoid disruptions caused by business travel, employees caring for family members, and employees needing to quarantine.

Providing secure team collaboration and enhanced communication

A common thread across many Jotform Enterprise clients is the sudden uptick in adoption after an initial project is up and running. Once one department experiences automated digital processes, word soon gets out, and other departments want to take advantage of this proven model. 

Leveraging the Jotform Enterprise platform across multiple departments reduces costs and complexity in the technology stack and enables a repeatable training model for onboarding employees. It also promotes cross-departmental collaboration and opportunities to connect socially and about work. 

A unique opportunity for HR to lead a shift to automation with Jotform Enterprise

There’s an excellent opportunity for IT and HR teams to collaborate on employee experience and organizational growth. IT can replicate existing forms, approval workflows, and tables using shared templates and cloning features to support other department needs. Similarly, HR can build and replicate learning and development sessions to help each team maximize its platform use. 

HR leaders can deliver the automation and autonomy employees want with no-code solutions and on-demand services powered by Jotform Enterprise. In turn, human resources teams get more time to develop strategic programs, respond to employee feedback, and improve engagement. 

With Jotform Enterprise, organizations can promote efficiencies that retain good employees for longer while producing higher returns. Enabling a digital-ready workforce

  • Supports remote and hybrid work
  • Gives employees more control and connection
  • Fosters collaboration and contributions leading to upward mobility

What will your teams do with all the time they save? Encourage them to take a coffee break or enjoy a slightly longer lunch. Why? According to HBR, employees who take a break every 90 minutes report a 50 percent higher level of health and well-being, a 50 percent greater capacity for creative thinking, and a 30 percent higher level of focus. 

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