Form Template Categories

You can find any Form Template Category that fits your needs.

Order Forms

Jotform's free order form templates are powerful and simple to edit, so your customers will be placing orders in no time. Get started by either starting from scratch with a basic order form template or selecting from one of the pre-made order form samples.

2,425 Templates

Registration Forms

Jotform’s free registration form templates are customizable and simple to edit. You can either create your own registration form or choose from our collection form registration template examples. Register event guests, students, or participants in no time at all!

2,327 Templates

Event Registration Forms

Throwing a big event? Use a Jotform event registration form to invite guests and manage your list of attendees. Our event registration forms come with access to a variety of themes, widget, apps, and drag-and-drop fields, to make your event stand out. Try our event registration form templates today!

554 Templates

Payment Forms

Select and customize a free Jotform order form template, then collect payments using one of many payment partners. Get started by either selecting a payment form template below or start your own form, then choose which payment gateway you'd like to use such as Square, PayPal, Stripe and Authorize.Net.

261 Templates

Application Forms

Create your own application form by either selecting from one of our application form samples or start a basic application form from scratch. Use the Jotform form builder to format and customize the application form template.

2,231 Templates

File Upload Forms

Looking for an online file upload form? Then look no further. Jotform's file upload form templates are the first step for you to collect important documents, videos, projects, pictures, or even assignments.

112 Templates

Booking Forms

Do you need an online form for booking, making reservations, and reserving accommodations? Our booking form templates not only make it easy to collect the information, but also to manage and organize response data. Additionally, customize and format your booking form template to meet their needs.

825 Templates

Survey Templates

Create a survey form to collect customer, employee or public opinion. Just choose one of the premade survey examples or start your own survey form!

2,125 Templates

Consent Forms

Use Jotform’s consent form templates to ensure your participants are informed. Collect consent and even e-signatures with these forms.

1,408 Templates

RSVP Forms

Let guests RSVP to your next event online with our free RSVP form templates! Easy to customize for any theme. Easy to embed and integrate. No coding required.

179 Templates

Appointment Forms

Need an easy way to schedule appointments? Whether you're a big corporation or own your own business, our appointment form templates are customizable to meet your needs. Get started with a brand new form or selected one of our appointment form samples, then customize with apps and widgets.

265 Templates

Contact Forms

Contact forms are an essential part of any business. Choose from more than 400 Jotform contact form templates to keep your business connected with customers.

496 Templates

Questionnaire Templates

Don't you have time to create a questionnaire? You can use our 300+ premade questionnaire templates. If you wish, you can build your questionnaire template and start to collect data.

510 Templates

Signup Forms

Create custom online signup forms for free today. Fill out on any computer, smartphone, or tablet. Drag and drop to customize. No coding knowledge required.

321 Templates

Abstract Forms

Use our free abstract form templates to gather brief summaries of academic papers or medical history records. Visit our website to create your abstract form now!

105 Templates

Accountant Forms

Gather client info online. Free easy-to-customize online forms. Works great on any device. Integrate with 100+ platforms. No coding required. Share or embed fast.

8 Templates

Actor Forms

Collect actor information with customizable online forms. Fill out on any device. Get release forms, signatures, contact info, and more. Easy to embed in your site.

4 Templates

Advertising Forms

Need easy online forms that pertain to advertising? Browse advertising form templates that can help you more efficiently collect new client inquiries, project requirements, uploaded files, payments, signed contracts, and more! Try out an advertising form template for free today!

932 Templates

Alumni Forms

Online forms are the efficient way to organize your school’s alumni. Whether it be alumni events, questionnaires, surveys, polls, to registration forms. Get updated information from alumni or sign them up for your school newsletter. Get started with a form template today!

212 Templates

Animal Rescue Application Forms

Help rescue animals find their furrever homes faster! Collect adoption applications and fees online with our free, customizable Animal Rescue Applications.

53 Templates

Animal Shelter Forms

Help animals find loving forever homes with our free Animal Shelter Forms. Customize and embed in your website to accept applications and donations online.

289 Templates

Apparel Order Forms

From dresses to shoes, you can find any kind of clothing order form in Jotform. These apparel order forms make your job easy and efficient by letting you save your time.

104 Templates

Appraiser Forms

Create custom forms to appraise antiques, properties, vehicles, and employee performance. Drag and drop to customize. Works on any device. No coding required.

7 Templates

Asset Tracking Forms

Track your assets with Jotform’s asset tracking forms. Works on any smartphone, tablet, or desktop. Drag and drop to customize. Share and embed in seconds. No coding.

29 Templates

Athlete Forms

Create your own athlete forms easily. Manage your team’s information in one place. No coding required. Easy-to-customize online forms. Works on any device.

10 Templates


Our audit form templates increase inspection efficiency by letting you submit audit reports online & gather requests through your website. Create your free audit form now!

98 Templates

Automotive Forms

Build free forms for your automotive business with Jotform. Drag and drop to customize. No coding needed. Integrate with 250+ platforms. Works on all devices.

28 Templates

Award Forms

Nothing makes choosing an award recipient easier than a sleek online voting form. Get started with a Jotform award form template today.

67 Templates

Bakery Order Forms

If you have a business related to a bakery like a pastry shop, these bakery order forms are absolutely what you need in order to ease your online orders. Check out our templates now!

74 Templates

Banking Application Forms

Choose a free online Banking Application Form to process applications for debit cards, credit cards, and more. Customize and embed in your bank’s website.

30 Templates

Banking Forms

Do you need a banking to solve your company's financial needs? Jotform's customizable online banking form templates help banks all over the world collect the information they need. Choose from our collection of banking form samples to get started with or create a new form.

328 Templates

Benefits Enrollment Forms

Collect employee information and sign employees up for a benefits plan. Free enrollment form templates. Easy to customize for your company. No coding.

4 Templates

Black Friday Forms

Elevate your Black Friday promotions with Joform's exclusive Black Friday Forms category! Whether you're a seasoned retailer or a burgeoning business, our tailored forms are designed to supercharge your Black Friday campaigns.

29 Templates

Book Order Forms

Help the gift of reading reach more people with Jotform. Whether you’re a bookstore owner or an independent seller, our online Book Order Forms let you collect orders and contact details fast.

46 Templates

Botulinum Toxin Forms

Get client intake and appointments for botox injections at your clinic or salon. Free, customizable form templates. Easy to embed and fill out. No coding.

9 Templates

Broker Forms

Gather broker information online. Customize with Jotform’s drag-and-drop no-code builder. Share or embed in seconds. Get responses seamlessly on any device.

9 Templates

Building Inspector Forms

Create custom building inspector forms that work on any device. Collect online inspection checklists and surveys. Customize in seconds. No coding required.

15 Templates

Business Forms

Do you need a free online form to help you collect money online? Easily sell your products and services with a ready-made form or customize your own.

4,066 Templates

Business Registration Forms

Collect new business info for your government agency or union with a free, online Business Registration Form. Embed in your website. Sync with 130+ apps.

112 Templates

Business Report Forms

Switch from paper forms to online forms. Save time and get organized. Easy to customize with no coding required. Fill out seamlessly on any device.

40 Templates

Business Surveys

Choose a ready-made template to create custom online business surveys. Compatible with any computer, tablet, or smartphone. Easy to customize and no coding.

33 Templates

CAHPS Surveys

Improve patient experience for your healthcare organization with CAHPS and HCAHPS surveys. Free surveys for patient feedback. Easy to customize and embed. HIPAA compliance features. No coding.

15 Templates

COVID-19 Report Forms

Ready-made online COVID-19 report form templates. Easy to customize with no coding required. Collect e-signatures and more. Opt for HIPAA compliance.

20 Templates

Cake Order Forms

Sweet, sweet efficiency. Jotform’s online Cake Order Form Templates allow star bakers like yourself to view incoming cake orders instantly, on any device. Customize your order form so customers can choose cake flavors, fillings, and designs — with our drag-and-drop Form Builder, it’s a piece of cake! Accept payments via secure payment gateways like Square, Stripe, or PayPal, or spice up your cake order form with your company logo. Whether you’re baking wedding cakes, birthday cakes, cupcakes, or cake pops, you can improve efficiency and expertly organize orders with Jotform’s Cake Order Form Templates.

29 Templates

Calculation Forms

Do you need an online form to help you make calculations? These calculation form templates includes a variety of different forms that involve mathematical calculations. Whether you need an expense report forms, budgeting forms, or math quizzes, we have a calculation form template to meet your needs.

98 Templates

Camp Enrollment Forms

Free enrollment form templates for camp programs. Get camper info, payments, and more. Drag-and-drop customization. Easy to share and fill out. No coding.

8 Templates

Camp Registration Forms

Get campers pumped up for summer camp with a free, online Camp Registration Form. Embed it on your website to boost registrations and cut out paperwork.

98 Templates

Catering Order Forms

Process catering orders online with a free Catering Order Form template. Integrate with Square or PayPal to accept payments. Customize and embed in seconds!

23 Templates

Change Order Forms

Customize a free Change Order Form to process contract changes online. Collect responses, view information, and automatically generate new PDF contracts.

16 Templates

Charity Forms

Find volunteer application forms, fundraising forms, donation forms & more at JotForm. Collect donations from any individuals or organizations with your charity forms by using Jotform's payment integrations. Start with a fresh form or select from our assortment of charity form samples.

472 Templates

Checklist Forms

Create checklist forms for your business. Great for inventory management, inspections, and more. Easy to embed and share. No coding required. Works on all devices.

328 Templates

Chef Forms

Gather important information for your restaurant. Manage staff, recipes, and more in one convenient place. Easy-to-customize online forms. No coding required.

6 Templates

Christmas Forms

Build customs forms for Christmas in minutes with Jotform. Easy to customize and share. No coding knowledge required. Works on any iOS or Android device.

62 Templates

Church Forms

Do you need online forms to help organize your religious organization's activities? Browse one of our online church form templates that will help you gather information of any member, manage volunteer applications, and collect member information and donations easily. Try a church form for free!

666 Templates

Cleaning Forms

Create online forms for your cleaning services. Collect bookings, contact info, e-signatures, and more. Get payments while paying no extra fees to Jotform.

19 Templates

Client Evaluation Forms

Get feedback from clients. Free evaluation form templates. Fully customizable. Drag and drop builder. No coding.

25 Templates

Complaint Forms

Create online complaint forms that employees or customers can fill out in minutes. Perfect for businesses and nonprofits. Works on any device. No coding required.

35 Templates

Conference Registration Forms

Register attendees online for your next conference with a free registration form. Collect fees with an integrated payment gateway. No coding required.

79 Templates

Construction Forms

Construction Forms

23 Templates

Content Forms

Collect content and uploadable files straight from an online form from Jotform. To get started, browse our content form templates and edit it immediately.

115 Templates

Contest Entry Forms

Choose a free Contest Entry Form to host a writing competition, photo contest, or raffle online. Include a file upload field to accept photos, videos, and more!

84 Templates

Contest Registration Forms

Hosting a contest, sweepstakes, or raffle? Register contestants online with our free Contest Registration Forms. Collect entry fees with a payment gateway.

54 Templates

Contractor Forms

Gather data seamlessly from any device. Easy-to-customize online contractor forms. Add your logo, update fonts and colors, and make other changes with no coding.

12 Templates

Cookie Order Forms

Sell your cookies online with a free cookie order form. Easy to customize, embed in your website, and share. Get paid instantly via 30+ trusted payment processors.

22 Templates

Coronavirus Response Forms

Support those who’ve been hit hardest by COVID-19 with free Coronavirus Response Forms. Collect medical data and donations with HIPAA Compliant online forms.

430 Templates

Counselor Forms

Create custom counselor forms in seconds. Collect and manage patient information securely online. Fully customizable. Easy to share. Mobile-ready. No coding.

10 Templates

Course Enrollment Forms

Free online form templates for enrolling students in courses. Easy to customize. Embed in your school website. Track and organize submissions. No coding.

13 Templates

Course Evaluation Forms

Find out what students think of your courses. Great for in-person or remote learning. Easy to customize with no coding. Embed in your website or share with a link.

36 Templates

Course Registration Form Templates

Easily register students for your class. Customize any of our online Course Registration Forms for free. Collect student information, documents, and class fees.

87 Templates

Credit Application Forms

Build a personal or business Credit Application Form to embed in your website. Receive credit and loan applications online to streamline your workflow.

26 Templates

Customer Registration Forms

Use our free Customer Registration Forms to gather important client information online. Embed on your website to collect leads and accept fee payments.

119 Templates

Customer Satisfaction Evaluation Forms

Get to know your customers with free online evaluation forms and satisfaction surveys. Easy-to-customize templates. Collect responses from any device.

33 Templates

Customer Service Agent Forms

Gather customer service requests, feedback, and more. Easy-to-customize online forms. Get responses on any device. Connect with 100+ integrations including Zendesk.

12 Templates

Customer Service Forms

Thanks to customer service form templates, you can collect feedback, create a coupon discount form, build an appointment form in an easy and secure way.

688 Templates

Dance Registration Forms

Register dancers online with a free dance registration form customized to match your dance class. Collect registration fees with an integrated payment gateway.

20 Templates

Daycare Forms

Create online forms for your daycare with these free templates. Collect responses on any device. Easy to customize. No coding. Share or embed in seconds.

23 Templates

Delivery Order Templates

Fulfill orders faster and deliver results with our free, customizable Delivery Order Forms. Process card payments online with an integrated payment gateway.

33 Templates

Dental Consent Forms

Fill out online consent forms for your dental practice. Great for administrators. Fully customizable. No coding needed. Works on all device types.

15 Templates

Dentist Forms

Free online dentist forms. Fully-customizable with Jotform’s drag-and-drop builder. Personalize to match your practice. No coding. Gather information on any device.

12 Templates

Dermal Filler Forms

Streamline scheduling and get consent for dermal filler injections. Free form templates for salons and clinics. Easy to customize, embed, and fill. No coding.

10 Templates

Dietitian Forms

Create custom dietician forms with no coding. Collect and manage patient intake and dietary information securely online. Mobile-responsive. Fill out on any device.

11 Templates

Disciplinary Forms

Fill out online forms for complaints, warnings, or disciplinary actions. Great for HR departments. Easy to customize. Works seamlessly on any device.

13 Templates

Donation Forms

Looking for donations for your nonprofit or charitable organization? Use one of these donation forms to start your donation request off on the right foot.

152 Templates

Driver Forms

Free online driver forms. Gather information for your transportation business. Manage inspections, applications, and more. Easy-to-customize. Works on any platform.

33 Templates

E-commerce Forms

Jotform online e-commerce form templates turn any website into full-blown stores, ready to securely sell product and services and collect payments. Jotform has 20+ payment processors to choose from, including Square, Stripe, Paypal, and more. Try our customizable e-commerce form templates today!

1,081 Templates

Education Forms

Evaluate instructors, register students, and gather applicants with Jotform education forms. Whether you're an educator in K-12 or higher education, we have a form template for you. Either select one of our samples or start your own form, then customize it to your liking in our form builder!

3,135 Templates

Education Surveys

Build custom education surveys for your educational institution. Collect responses from any device. No coding required. Gather important data to better your school.

34 Templates

Electrician Forms

Create custom electrician forms that work on any device. Fill out tool requests, work assessment checklists, and inspection forms. Easy to customize. No coding.

3 Templates

Email Marketing Forms

Create custom email marketing forms for your communication efforts. Gather responses from any type of device. No coding required. Drag and drop to customize.

14 Templates

Emergency Contact Forms

Create custom emergency contact forms for your users. Perfect for schools, businesses, and programs. Easy to customize. Works seamlessly on any device.

25 Templates

Emergency Report Forms

Ready-made online emergency report forms. Great for your online security. Drag and drop to customize. No coding required. Works on any device.

13 Templates

Employee Enrollment Forms

Free online employee enrollment forms. Gather employee data during the onboarding process. Easy to customize and share. Works on any device. No coding required.

9 Templates

Employee Evaluation Forms

Conduct performance reviews with free Employee Evaluation Forms. Securely store reviews online. Easy to customize and fill out on any device. Print as PDFs.

152 Templates

Employee Incident Report Forms

In the unfortunate case of an employee incident, you’ll need to write an incident report. Not sure where to start? With Jotform’s Employee Incident Report Form Templates, you can quickly and accurately gather details of an injury or accident.

47 Templates

Employee Information Forms

Streamline your employee intake process and seamlessly onboard new employees with Jotform. Simply choose an Employee Information Form Template below to securely collect employee information like contact details, medical history, and emergency contact information.

229 Templates

Employee Surveys

Conduct employee surveys online with Jotform’s free survey templates. Easy to customize, share, and embed in your website. Protect data with GDPR and CCPA compliance.

91 Templates

Employment Forms

Job applications and employment forms can be quite complicated to put together. Make it easier on yourself by choosing a perfect template. With our fully customizable employment forms, it easy to collect information and make an engaging form for potential applicants.

894 Templates

Employment Release Forms

Choose a free, ready-made employment release form. Fill out and sign on any device. Great for HR teams. Save time and paper. Automate your paperwork process.

15 Templates

Engineer Forms

Create custom engineer forms that work great on any device. Collect engineering requests and change orders online. Drag and drop to customize. No coding required.

4 Templates


Choose a free enrollment form sample below, and customize it to match your company, hotel, school, or nonprofit's brand in our form builder. You can use an enrollment form template to collect first and last names, birthdays, and other personal information. Try our enrollment form templates today!

346 Templates

Entertainment Forms

Need an online form to organize your next banquet or nominate an award recipient? Try one of Jotform's many online entertainment form templates for free.

1,015 Templates

Entrepreneur Forms

Gather information online. Great for entrepreneurs. Embed in your website or share with a link in seconds. No coding required. Drag-and-drop customization tool.

7 Templates

Esthetician Forms

Collect consent forms, waivers, bookings, and more. Great for beauty businesses. Receive e-signatures and payments with no extra fees. Customize without coding.

12 Templates

Evaluation Forms

Get feedback online from customers, patients, guests, employees, and more. Free evaluation form templates. Easy to customize, embed, and integrate. No coding.

842 Templates

Evaluation Surveys

Create online evaluation surveys for your business or organization. Drag and drop to customize. No coding. Collect valuable feedback. Works on all devices.

18 Templates

Event Booking Forms

Organizing an event requires considering several items simultaneously. Whenever you would like to host an artist, a speaker or any other guest and services, you would have to clarify every single detail. Jotform’s Event Booking templates help you get organized and states all the details while hiring the services of an entertainer or a guest. You can easily edit and share the template with your fellow colleagues and others.

95 Templates

Event Evaluation Forms

Get event feedback online with free evaluation forms. Easy to customize. Drag-and-drop builder. Track and manage responses. Generate reports. No coding.

22 Templates

Event Feedback Forms

Get feedback from guests on how to improve the next event. Perfect for event planning and management. Easy to customize and share. 100+ integrations. No coding.

79 Templates

Event Planner Forms

Plan your events with ease using Jotform. Free online forms that work great on any device. Collect registrations, RSVPs, and more. Customize with no coding.

24 Templates

Exam Forms

Create free online exam forms for your students in minutes. Great for school and educational programs. Easy to customize. Works seamlessly on any device.

22 Templates

Exit Interview Templates

Conduct exit interviews online with a free Exit Interview Template. Gather feedback, collect signatures, and identify ways to improve your company culture.

17 Templates

Expense Tracking Forms

Create expense tracking forms in minutes with Jotform. Easy to customize and embed. Compatible with any desktop, tablet, or smartphone. No coding required.

23 Templates

Farmer Forms

Collect and manage information for your farm. Free online forms. Easy to customize with our drag and drop builder. No coding required. Share or embed instantly.

17 Templates

Feedback Forms

Collect feedback with ease using one of more than 400 feedback form templates from Jotform. Choose yours here.

724 Templates

Feedback Surveys

Free feedback survey templates. Collect feedback and insight seamlessly on any device. Easy to personalize. No coding required. Drag and drop to design.

25 Templates

Financial Advisor Forms

Create a financial advisor form to gather client intake and financial information. Submissions stored securely. Works on any device. Easy to customize and share.

106 Templates

Fire Inspection Forms

Conduct fire safety and equipment inspections. Free online form templates for fire safety inspectors. Easy to customize. Works on any device. No coding.

11 Templates

Firefighter Forms

Manage your station with ease. Collect information on inspections, applications, and more. Easy-to-customize online forms. Works on any device. No coding required.

7 Templates

Florist Forms

Collect flower orders for your floristry business. Gather payments from any device. Integrate with Square, Stripe, PayPal, or 30+ other gateways. No extra fees.

10 Templates

Florist Order Forms

Sell your flowers online with a free Florist Order Form. Customize the template, embed it in your website, and accept flower orders for weddings and events.

14 Templates

Food & Beverage Order Forms

You can check out our food & beverage order forms and use any of them by signing up.

233 Templates

Fundraiser Forms

Fundraise for your cause with readymade online fundraiser forms. Great for nonprofits or charities. Customize the design without coding. Share or embed in seconds.

9 Templates

Fundraising Order Forms

Sell fundraiser products and gifts online with our free, customizable Fundraiser Order Forms. Process card payments with an integrated payment gateway.

37 Templates

Gamer Forms

Gather information for your company or community. Manage surveys, giveaways, and more. Easy-to-customize online forms. Integrate with Twitch and other platforms.

9 Templates

Gaming Forms

Level up your workflow with free online gaming form templates for esports tournaments, streaming, game development, and more. Easy to customize and embed.

58 Templates

Giveaway Forms

Create custom giveaway forms for your next sweepstakes or special event. Collect responses from any device. No coding required. Drag and drop to customize.

19 Templates

Guest Application Forms

Grow your audience and collect guest applications online for your blog, website, or show. Easy to customize and embed. Make a guest application form for free!

25 Templates

Guest Registration Forms

Register guests for your hotel, event, or open house. Customize and embed a free registration form to collect guest information and fees online.

14 Templates

Habit Tracking Forms

Track your habits seamlessly with this custom form. Works on any device — iOS and Android compatible. Drag and drop to customize. Share or embed in seconds.

22 Templates

Hairdresser Forms

Free hairdresser forms. Collect client appointments, consultations, and questionnaires from any device. Customize to match your salon’s branding. No coding.

7 Templates

Handyman Forms

Free handyman forms that work on any device. Gather service requests, job quotes, and inventory lists. Drag and drop to customize. Great for contractors.

8 Templates

Health Coach Forms

Create health coach forms that work on any device. Collect questionnaire, survey, and patient health responses online. Easy to customize and share. No coding.

33 Templates

Health Tracking Forms

Build a health tracking form in just minutes with Jotform. Works on desktop, tablets, and smartphone devices. Easy to share and embed. Drag and drop to customize.

64 Templates

Healthcare Forms

Looking for online healthcare form templates? Jotform makes it easy to register patients, get feedback for your practice, and even collect payments. Jotform offers HIPAA compliant forms, so your paper healthcare forms are secure. View our full collection of online healthcare form templates.

3,644 Templates

Healthcare Surveys

Create free healthcare surveys for your practice. Customize without coding. Get responses on any device. Analyze results to better understand your patients.

22 Templates

Home Inspection Forms

Switch from paper forms to online forms with Jotform’s free form templates. Perform home inspections on any device. Customize, share, or embed with no coding.

18 Templates

Home Inspector Forms

Create free home inspector forms that work on any device. Record service contracts, order forms, and inspection checklists. Drag and drop customization. No coding.

9 Templates

Hospice Forms

Create forms for palliative and hospice care. Easy-to-customize online form templates. Opt into HIPAA compliance. Can be filled out on any device. No coding.

26 Templates

Hospital Release Forms

Create release forms for your hospital. Easy to customize. Fill out and e-sign seamlessly on any device. Protect patient details with HIPAA compliance features.

20 Templates

Hotel Booking Forms

Customize a free Hotel Booking Form, embed it in your website, and seamlessly process bookings and payments online. Collect payments through PayPal.

53 Templates

Hotel Manager Forms

Create a custom hotel manager form in seconds. Gather room reservations and guest registrations. Great for hotels and bed-and-breakfasts. Mobile-ready. No coding.

10 Templates

Human Resources Forms

Jotform has a wide variety of human resources forms from job application forms to vacation request forms. Select and edit HR forms for free!

2,486 Templates

Human Resources Surveys

Save time and make HR surveys more engaging with Jotform’s Human Resources Surveys. Online forms don’t need to be impersonal — Form Builder lets you customize questions, colors, and add your company logo.

110 Templates

IT Forms

Our IT forms help your IT department track bugs, collect job applications, manage repair requests and gather software feedback. Create a free IT form today!

310 Templates

IT Request Forms

Collect IT requests from any device. Free online IT request forms. Easy drag-and-drop customization. Connect with 100+ popular platforms. No coding required.

49 Templates

Incident Report Forms

Ready-made online incident reporting forms. Automatically syncs to your secure online account. Easy to share. Drag and drop to customize. Works on any device.

45 Templates

Influencer Forms

Collect information for your growing business. Manage and organize content and requests in one centralized place. Drag and drop to customize. No coding required.

7 Templates

Information Request Forms

Collect requests and queries online. Customize and publish any of our Information Request Forms for free. Integrate with 130+ apps. No coding required!

475 Templates

Informed Consent Forms

Use e-signatures to collect informed consent online with our free Informed Consent Form templates. Great for telemedicine. Easy to customize and share with patients.

314 Templates

Inspection Forms

Check out inspection forms to easily collect field service data for inspections and audit in the workplace. Jotform simple drag and drop form builder makes it quick and easy to build any kind of inspection forms.

504 Templates

Insurance Agent Forms

Get client information fast on any device. Collect insurance quotes, will questionnaires, e-signatures, and more. Share a link or embed in your site. No coding.

23 Templates

Insurance Forms

Looking for a form to solicit requests for insurance quotes? With a fully customizable insurance form template, streamline processes and cut out the paperwork by receiving the information you need. All you need to do is select a template or create a form from scratch, then customize it and publish!

197 Templates

Intake Forms

With our robust Form Template Gallery, you can find the perfect intake form for your needs.

98 Templates

Internship Application Form Templates

Choose an Internship Application Form Template to collect internship applications online — for free! Easy to customize and embed in your company’s website.

19 Templates

Interview Forms

Schedule, conduct, and assess interviews with online forms. Free customizable templates. Get responses, file attachments, and more. Easy to share. No coding.

20 Templates

Investor Forms

Collect investment information securely online. Fully-customizable online forms. Easy to share or embed. No coding knowledge needed. Add your logo and branding.

8 Templates

Job Application Forms

Job Application Form Templates streamline your company’s hiring process and help you find the right person for the role.

298 Templates

K-12 Forms

Collect student information with free online forms. Great for teachers and parents. Easy to share and embed. Drag and drop to customize. No coding required.

36 Templates

Lawyer Forms

Collect form responses and requests in one easy place. Manage client intake forms, declarations, and others. Easy-to-customize. No-code, powerful forms get it done.

7 Templates

Lead Generation Forms

Capture leads instantly with free online lead generation forms. Sync responses to CRMs like HubSpot, Salesforce, or ActiveCampaign automatically.

330 Templates

Leave of Absence Forms

Jotform’s Leave of Absence Forms streamlines your workflow by letting employees submit important details like absence dates, reasons for absence, or doctor’s notes.

28 Templates

Legal Forms

Collect e-signatures from any device to complete legal paperwork online. Great for contacts, agreements, and more. Customize without coding. Easy to embed or share.

64 Templates

Librarian Forms

Create a free online librarian form to manage library card applications and book reservations. Easy to customize and share. Works on any device. No coding required.

8 Templates

Loan Application Forms

Process loan applications online with a free Loan Application Form sample. Collect legally-binding e-signatures, add a document upload field, and more!

37 Templates

Maintenance Forms

Collect maintenance forms from your teams with easy, free templates from Jotform. Customize and share in minutes. Free and easy to use. No coding required.

24 Templates

Makeup Artist Forms

Great for makeup artists. Easy to customize. No coding required. Embed in your website or share with a link in seconds. Gather intake forms, e-signatures, and more.

10 Templates

Makeup Forms

Create makeup forms for your beauty salon. Drag and drop to customize a free template in seconds. No coding required. Collect e-signatures, payments, and more!

22 Templates

Manager Forms

Gather information for your company on any device. Conduct surveys, evaluations, and more. Great for managers. Customize without coding. Embed or share in seconds.

20 Templates

Marketer Forms

Free online forms for marketers. Easy to customize. No coding required. Add your logo and branding. Share or embed in seconds. Collect responses on any device.

36 Templates

Marketing Forms

From event feedback forms, customer surveys, market research, and lead generation forms, marketing departments rely on online forms. Find the Jotform marketing form template that works for you. Get started by selecting from one of our marketing form samples or start from scratch.

592 Templates

Marketing Surveys

Conduct online surveys to get to know your customers better. Easy to customize, share, and embed. Analyze survey responses and auto-generate data reports.

70 Templates

Medical Application Forms

Manage staff or health insurance applications online with a free Medical Application Form. Keep your data secure with HIPAA compliance features.

114 Templates

Medical Consent Forms

Before starting treatment, collect patient signatures online with our free medical consent forms. Keep sensitive patient information safe with HIPAA compliance.

56 Templates

Medical Surveys & Questionnaires

As a medical institution, you might be super confident in your personnel's professional abilities. However, as for any businesses who deals with paying customers, it’s absolutely necessary to get feedback, regarding both medical staff and the institution itself. Jotform’s surveys and questionnaires provide this chance. Since they are completely customizable, you can edit them to match your needs as well.

267 Templates

Meeting Forms

Create meeting forms for free with Jotform. Drag and drop to customize. No coding required. Schedule events, give feedback, and more. Organize your meetings now.

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Membership Application Form Templates

Create a free Membership Application Form and embed it on your website in seconds. Quickly collect new member registrations and fee payments online!

70 Templates

Membership Forms

Make membership easy with an online form from Jotform. Whether you just got started finding new members club, camp or business program, our form builder has you covered. Our membership form templates are free and fully customizable. Try one of our free online membership form templates today!

366 Templates

Membership Registration Forms

Register new members for your organization with a free, custom Membership Registration Form. Collect member info, registration fees, and documents online.

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Merchant Forms

Sell your products online. Easy-to-customize online forms. No coding necessary. Embed in any website or share with a link. Gather orders and payments fast.

49 Templates

Missionary Forms

Aggregate all your church’s important information in one place. Organize calendars, donations, and more. No coding required. Easy-to-customize online forms.

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Model Forms

Gather model information on any device. Free customizable online form templates. No coding required. Embed or share in seconds. Connect with 100+ integrations.

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Nail Artist Forms

Create a custom nail artist form. Sell nail art kits, collect salon bookings, and schedule consultations. Works on any device. Easy to customize. No coding required.

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Nonprofit Employee Forms

Gather volunteer details online. Great for nonprofits or charities. Collect contact info, availability, and e-signature from any device. Customize with no coding.

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Nurse Forms

Create custom forms that work great on any device. Collect and manage nursing information securely online. Opt into HIPAA compliance to keep patient data protected.

36 Templates

Open House Feedback Forms

Gather feedback from your open house events. Works great on any device. Ideal for real estate agents. Save time by switching from paper forms to online forms.

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Parent Feedback Forms

Collect and evaluate parent feedback from any device. Customize a free feedback form template with no coding required. Analyze feedback to improve your teaching.

15 Templates

Parent-Teacher Conference Forms

Create online forms for your next parent-teacher conference. Collect contact info, payments, and e-signatures on any device. Easy to customize. No coding.

26 Templates

Patient Enrollment Forms

Collect patient enrollment forms fast. Easy-to-customize online form templates. No coding required. Opt into HIPAA compliance. Can be filled out on any device.

16 Templates

Patient Feedback Forms

Collect feedback from patients online. Great for doctor’s offices and other healthcare providers. Customize with no coding. Easy to embed or share. HIPAA option.

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Patient Registration Form Templates

Register new patients online for your medical facility. Keep sensitive health information safe with HIPAA compliance. Easy to customize, integrate, and embed.

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PayPal Payment Forms

Create custom forms that accept PayPal payments. Drag and drop to customize. No coding required. Collect payments, donations, and more. Easily share and embed.

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Peer Evaluation Forms

Collect feedback from students, employees, and more. Free peer evaluation form templates. Easy to customize and share. Fill out on any device. No coding.

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Peer Feedback Forms

Collect feedback from your peers on any device. Easy-to-customize online form templates. Share or embed in your site with no coding. Connect with 100+ integrations.

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Performance Tracking Forms

Track employee or student performance easily. Share and embed. No coding knowledge required. Drag and drop to customize your form.

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Personal Forms