Employment Release Forms

14 Templates

Employee Laptop Agreement Form

Allow your employees to work from home by providing them laptop to use and have them complete this Employee Laptop Agreement Form. This form contains all the necessary information when borrowing a laptop from the company.

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Workers Comp Waiver Form

A workers comp waiver form is used by employers to release an employee from liability regarding an injury that occurred at work.

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Work Release Form

Generate work release forms online. Gather e-signatures. Customize with no coding. Download, print, or share with employers as a PDF. Great for medical professionals.

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Equipment Release Form

Let employees request to borrow company equipment with an online Equipment Release Form. Easy to customize and share. Sync submissions to 100+ apps.

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Employee Photo Release Form

Gather approval from your employees by using this well-designed Employee Photo Release Form so that their photos taken in the office while working can be used for marketing and branding purposes.

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Handyman Release Form

A handyman release form is a legal document that exempts a handyman from liability for injuries that occur while performing a task, even if it is not related to the original request. Build your handyman business today!

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Dispatch Release

A dispatch release is a legal document that is used by businesses to authorize the release of goods and services. No coding!

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Third Party Release Form

Third-Party Release Forms are used by individuals to authorize third-parties to receive and access sensitive personal information and records.

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Equipment Request And Release Form

A Equipment Request and Release Form is a document that is used in order to request or release equipment and device. If you are a hospital, an organization or a company, customize our Equipment Request and Release.

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Subcontractor Lien Release Form

A subcontractor lien release form is used by small businesses and homeowners to notify and release a third-party contractor from contractual and warranty obligations.

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Unconditional Waiver & Release On Progress Payment

An unconditional waiver and release on progress payment form is used in construction work to protect a contractor’s interest in advance payment. Protect you and your employees or agents if someone is injured on the job site!

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Unconditional Release Form

An unconditional waiver and release is a form that allows subcontractors to accept or decline work from a general contractor, or a company to decline work from the client.

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Release Task Form

A release task form is used for assigning and tracking tasks to be completed in a project, ensuring successful completion of the project on time and within budget.

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Separation Form

A Separation Form, also known as an Exit Interview Form, is a crucial tool for managing an employee's departure from an organization.

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About Employment Release Forms

Employment release forms are used by HR departments for a variety of purposes, from photo releases, to equipment releases, to release waivers. Explore Jotform’s ready-made Employment Release Forms to create an online form for your needs in a few easy clicks! Just select the one that most closely matches your needs, customize it if necessary, then share it with your employees to fill out instantly on any device.

Need to make changes to your chosen template? No problem — just drag and drop to update the design. Upload your company logo, add or remove form fields, or integrate with 100+ platforms to automatically send your forms to Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, Airtable, Trello, and many more. Power up your HR department and save time and paper by switching to online Employment Release Forms by Jotform.