Manager Forms

20 Templates

Sample Request Form

A sample request form is a quick and easy way to ask for examples of a product or service from a business.

Request Forms

Employee Timesheet Template

An employee timesheet template is used by employers to track the hours that their employees work.

Time Tracking Forms

Daily Field Report Form

A daily field report is a pre-formatted document that store information about a day's work, typically for a work crew.

Report Forms

Manager Evaluation Form

A manager evaluation form is a questionnaire that helps supervisors to rate the performance of their employees. Use this Manager Evaluation Form to ask your employees for feedback about their work.

Employee Evaluation Forms

Workers Profile Form

An employee profile form is used by a manager or boss to collect detailed information about their potential or current employees.

Employee Information Forms

Restaurant Closing Manager Review

A restaurant closing manager review form is a form used for the review and analysis of the restaurant closing manager. Use this free template with no coding features!

Inspection Forms

Social Media Manager Application Form

A social media manager application form is used by potential employers to screen applicants for open Social Media Manager jobs.

Job Application Forms

Restaurant Opening Manager Review

An online restaurant opening review form is used by restaurant managers to review how well new restaurant openings perform. Customize this template without coding!

Inspection Forms

Store Manager Assessment Form

A store manager assessment form is a questionnaire tailored to evaluate a store manager. Customize this template to better fit your business structure.

Employee Evaluation Forms

Asset Survey

An asset survey is a form that workers fill out to get information about the status of certain assets at a certain location. Paperless documentation with Jotform!

IT Forms

Hiring Manager Satisfaction Survey

A hiring manager satisfaction survey is a feedback questionnaire asking a hiring manager how satisfied they are with the current staffing situation

Satisfaction Surveys

Manager Survey

A manager survey is a questionnaire used by employees or former employees to anonymously evaluate a workplace. Improve your employees’ happiness, or a business owner looking for feedback on how to improve your business.

Human Resources Surveys

Project Manager Evaluation Form

A project manager evaluation form is used by employees to give feedback on their manager. Improve your performance and be more valuable to your business.

Evaluation Forms

Manager Effectiveness Survey

An employee survey is a technique used by companies to measure how their employees feel about their work and employers.

Survey Templates

Wage Deduction Form

A wage deduction form is used to take money from an employee’s pay check to pay certain expenses.

Employee Information Forms

Annual Manager Self Evaluation Form

A self-evaluation form is a document used in the workplace to evaluate the performance or the employee’s work. No coding!

Employee Evaluation Forms

Project Manager Registration Form

Project Manager Registration Form is a form that is used to register participants for any project. Use our Project Manager Registration Form to keep track of the people who will be working directly with you.

Registration Forms

Virtual Assistant Survey

A virtual assistant survey is an online questionnaire created for virtual assistants to gather information about their clients and clients' businesses.

Survey Templates

Housing Manager Assessment Form

A housing manager assessment form is used by supervisors to develop the skills and knowledge of a manager.

Employee Evaluation Forms

Risk Calculator Form

A Risk Calculator Form is a form template designed to assess and quantify various risks associated with a particular activity, project, investment, or decision.

Calculation Forms

About Manager Forms

No matter which industry you work in, get the information you need to help your team run smoothly with free online Manager Forms. You can conduct surveys, perform employee evaluations, and gather self-evaluations with fully-customizable online forms that are mobile-friendly and work great on any device. Customize your chosen form template by dragging and dropping elements with a no-code builder — you can upload your company logo, include images, choose a new font, update colors, and use 100+ form integrations to connect your forms with other accounts and create a seamless automated workflow. Improve the way you manage your team with powerful Manager Forms from Jotform.