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Generate reports and securely store information online with free Business Report Forms from Jotform. No matter what you’re reporting on for your business, these ready-made templates let you create your own report forms and fill them out seamlessly on any device. Start by choosing a template below to customize with our no-code builder — then share your form with a link or fill it out yourself from your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Customizing one of these Business Report Forms is easy. Just drag and drop to add your logo, update form fields, and make other design changes in seconds! You can even connect with 100+ integrations to automatically sync submissions to other platforms. All responses through your Business Report Forms are stored securely in your Jotform account and protected with a 256-bit SSL connection, CCPA compliance, PCI compliance, and optional HIPAA compliance .

Job Form

Job log form provides you with the job title, staff name, and date with each of the tasks that are accomplished, their start and end time, work description, materials that are used in the process, and the files related to the job.

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Agent Productivity Report Form

Do you want your agents to submit a productivity report on their work or assigned task? Use this Agent Productivity Report Form make it easier for them to submit their productivity report on a daily or weekly basis. As the head or the agent managers, this productivity report template will help ease the process of receiving and getting a summary of the agent's performance. Productivity reports are ways to determine if the agent has improved on the appointed areas or their job. This is an essential part to help them develop their skills and business capabilities. Clone one of our productivity reports templates and start customizing it based on your business needs.

Business Report Forms

Asset Allocation Form

An asset allocation form is a questionnaire that is used to help investors determine which investment portfolio is right for their assets. Customize this free template without coding!

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Asset Disposal Form

An asset disposal form is a form used to document the disposal process of assets. It is used by banks, state agencies, and other businesses to keep track of their assets.

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Document Handover Form

A document handover form is used by businesses to share important documents with clients and send them on their way. Sync information seamlessly and collect it anywhere you need it with a free online document handover form!

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Job Applicant Reference Report Form

A job applicant reference report form is used by employers to collect references on a job applicant.

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Workplace Harassment Complaint Form 

A workplace harassment complaint form is used to document workplace harassment complaints. Your company’s logo, or adjust the design and layout of the form, use the Jotform Form Builder.

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SEO Business Report Form

A SEO business report form is a report template used by webmasters to gather information about SEO techniques, tools, and related metrics used by online businesses.

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Void Items Record Form

A void items record form is used by businesses to document when items are returned to them by customers.

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Anonymous Complaint Form

An anonymous complaint form is a tool for organizations and businesses to receive customer feedback without divulging the identity of the writer. Stay organized, protect your company, and receive information with a free Anonymous Complaint Form.

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Incomplete Work Items Report Form

Incomplete work items report form is a document is a document that allows managing admins to view a list of work items that have been reported as broken or incomplete so that they can be fixed.

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Work Completion Record Form

With this Work Completion Record Form, you can record the status of your work easily now.

Business Report Forms

Metro Security Report Form

A metro security report form is a form used by an individual or organization to report security threats, misconduct, or other issues to the authorities. Simply update the form fields to match your needs, make the form look better with our design tools.

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Privacy Release Form

A privacy release is a legal document that employees sign in order to authorize the employer to release their personal information. Use Jotform to get what you need!

Business Report Forms

Business Report Forms