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Content Forms

Collect content and uploadable files straight from an online form from JotForm. To get started, browse our content form templates and customize one immediately in drag-and-drop form builder for free. It's the easy way to create content and file upload forms.

File Upload Form

File Upload Forms

This file upload form template lets your collect contact information and documents through the file upload field. Completely customizable, this file upload form can be edited, designed, and made more powerful with integrations of your choosing. JotForm offers 100+ integrations with many kinds of business tools, including Dropbox and Box, so you can automatically add your file uploads to the storage option that you use in your daily workflow!

Dance Registration Form

Registration Forms

Do you plan to open a dance course? Or do you have? Do you want to create a form for registration? You can create dance registration form by using this basic form template that is easy to use. This dance registration form enables you can get the type of dance, and comments from your customers will come in handy for you! Get started today with a brand new form or select our premade dance registration form sample.

Player Profile Form 3

Content Forms

Are you a coach at a school? Do you need physical information of players which play in your team? If so, this player profile form template completely fits for your needs. You can collect the parent's phone numbers of players in case of emergency situations or body measurement information in order to arrange clothes for players.

Share A Testimonial Form

Advertising Forms

Get testimonials from around the World with this share a testimonial form and publish them if your users accept your publishing terms.

Give Thanks Form 3

Content Forms

One of the best thanksgiving form with great looking background and modern design. Use this form if you want to find out who and what your friends, employees or colleagues are thankful for.

Congreso Internacional Dhla

Registration Forms

Here's a Spanish quality business based form to help manage and run a company or program.

SEO Content Request Form

Services Forms

Are you a writer for hire? Get people to provide details and pay for articles.

Build Your Own Training Manual Form

Order Forms

Let people choose topics and create their own training manuals.

Introductory Questionnaire Sheet For Graphics

Content Forms

This is an Questionaire Survey Form for requesting assistance with graphics.

Recipe Sharing Form

Entertainment Forms

Your users can share their recipes with you and you can give feedback on them or create a useful database of recipes.

Fullscreen Share Your Story Form

Feedback Forms

Fulllscreen, elegant and modern looking share your story form template. This form is generally used for collecting customer's experience or testimonials.

Submission Form

File Upload Forms

Get a number of submissions with this submission form and give your users the opportunity to upload lots of stuff to your forms.

Referee Evaluation Form

Education Forms

This is an evaluation performance form for referees. This referee evaluation form is useful for any senior management or coordinator. This referee form template has evaluators' name, evaluators' email, referee name, date and game time, competition level. The players can evaluate referees about dress&appearance, pre-game, fitness, attitude, courage, character, consistency, position, mechanics, signals, accuracy of decisions, game control. Also, the players can add their additional comments.

Quality Alert Form

Content Forms

Are in the manufacturing sector and looking for quality alert form example that will help to address quality issues easily? This free quality alert template is very suitable and usable for you to handle this process in a quick way. Also, it is so easy to customize manufacturing quality alert template thus you can use any form fields anything you need on a quality alert form.

Responsive Share Your Story Form

Feedback Forms

Interviewing about your customer's experience will be more effective and easy using an online form like this form. Get user's feedback, story, or their experiences about anything in your business or services.

Construction Phase Plan Simple Projects

Content Forms

construction phase plan form

Article Submission Tool Entranceuniversity

Content Forms

A simple article upload form

Submit Product

Business Forms

Get visitors to submit their products to your website directory.

Submit Diary Article

Content Forms

Let people send you articles and content using this form.

Golden Gate Article Submissions

Content Forms

Form used to collect articles, or photos for newsletters.

Customer Product Setup Form

Content Forms

Let's your customer set-up a product list with price and size

Assignment Upload Form

Education Forms

Use this form for your students to upload their assignments.

Photo Calendar Submissions

Content Forms

Photo calendar contest related to farming or agriculture. Simple with minimal questions and upload field.

Social Writer Application Form

Content Forms

It is great tool for receiving social write ups from journalists with specialists in this area.

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