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22 Templates

Nutrition Diary Form

Track your food intake and diet with a free Nutrition Diary Form.

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Daily Routine Checklist Form

The Daily Routine Checklist Form is a form template designed to help individuals organize and track their daily tasks, activities, or routines.

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Daily Activity Log Form

A daily activity log form is used as a journal to track daily activities.

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Fitness Accountability Check In Form

A fitness accountability check-in is a report used by fitness instructors and trainers to evaluate the progress of a client’s exercise routine. Just customize the questions to match your training method.

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Customized Skincare Routine

A customized skincare routine is a personalized skin care plan that is suited to meet the needs of individual clients.

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Eating Habits Questionnaire

Eating habits questionnaires are used to obtain information about what and how frequently a person eats, to better understand their eating behaviors or even identify eating disorders.

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Daily Gratitude Journal Template

A daily gratitude journal is used to create a positive outlook on life.

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My Writing Log: Track Your Writing

The idea for this form is from S.J. Scott’s Writing Habit Mastery book. The goal of this template is to find out the most productive time and place for your writing and turn it into a habit.

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Workout Routine Details Form

Keep track of workout routine details online. Fill out on any device. Customize in seconds with Jotform's drag-and-drop Form Builder. Connect to 100+ apps.

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Activity Tracker

Activity and training tracker used in The Mayo Agencies.

Habit Tracking Forms

Dog Training Progress Form

A dog training progress form is a document used by dog owners to track a dog’s training progress.

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Mood Tracking Form

Use this free Mood Tracking Form template to gather information about your patients' emotional state. You can fully customize the content and design with no coding required.

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Reading Habits Survey

A reading habits survey is a questionnaire used by teachers to understand the reading interests of students.

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Book Entry Form

Track incoming book entry data. Record authors, titles, and page numbers. Keep a complete inventory record of books online. Free and easy to customize. No coding.

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Daily Food Intake Form

Daily Food Intake Form will be easier to keep track of how much food you eat per day! Moreover, it does not require code.

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Runner Tracking Form

Get running information from your users to keep track of their running history. Report back to your customers immediately.

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Running Log Form

Keep track of your running workouts online. Easy-to-customize online form. Fill out on any computer, tablet, or smartphone. Connect with 100+ popular apps.

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Sleep Consultation Form

A sleep consultation form is used by health professionals to assess the state of a person's sleep quality and provide recommendations for treatment

Habit Tracking Forms

Daily Subconscious Tracker

A subconscious tracker is a self-control journal used to help you control your eating habits.

Habit Tracking Forms

Online Screen Addiction Survey

An online screen addiction survey is used to collect data about screen addiction and harmful behaviors in relation to screen addiction.

Habit Tracking Forms

Voiding Diary Form

A voiding diary form is used by patients to track their urination times and volumes before, during, and after bladder surgery. Increase patient compliance and protect patient privacy with a free online Voiding Diary Form.

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About Habit Tracking Forms

Create a tracking form to understand and analyze either yours or your clients’ habits. It doesn’t matter if you’re a life coach looking to understand the habits of your clients or if you’re looking to change and manage habits in your own life — this Habit Tracking Form can help you gain valuable insight. Oversee both positive and negative habits over the course of weeks or months to analyze where changes could be made.

Need to customize the look and feel of your Habit Tracking Form? Simply drag and drop to make changes with no prior coding knowledge needed. Add extra form fields and integrate with helpful widgets. You can even personalize design elements like font, background color, text color, and more. Then share your form by embedding it in your online client portal or by copy-pasting a link to start gathering responses on any device.