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Travel Agency Booking Form Template

A travel agency booking form is a service reservation form used by travel agencies to book hotels, flights, or cruise packages. It is a useful tool to improve your hotel or airline booking services. Take your services to the next level!

Travel Booking Forms

Employee Travel Authorization Form

Get authorization from your company to travel and attend a conference, seminar, auditing, or inspection by using this Employee Travel Authorization Form. This form can be embedded on ay webpage using the embed code.

Human Resources Forms

International Travel Consent Form

Use this International Travel Consent Form to grant your child to travel to another country. By signing this consent, the parent or guardian allows the child to travel internationally with their permission and knowledge.

Travel Consent Forms

Travel Insurance Waiver

A travel insurance waiver is a document used by travelers to waive the coverage of their travel insurance plan. Use our free Travel Insurance Waiver template!

Insurance Forms

Child Travel Consent Form

Get required consent from parents before taking children for travel with the Child Travel Consent Form. All can be achieved without coding!

Travel Consent Forms

Activity Trip Permission Form

Permission Form / Insurance Info for Church Youth Trips. If your school or organization are planning an outside trip, you can use this form for every members confirmation and permission signed by parents or guardian.

Travel Consent Forms

Innovation Center Field Trip Form

An innovation center field trip form is used by a school to sign up students for a trip to the innovation center.

Education Forms

Student Travel Declaration Form

Manage the spread of infection by identifying students who traveled during the pandemic by using this Student Travel Declaration Form. The student is required to fill out this form if he or she traveled outside the country or state.

Travel Consent Forms

Field Trip Consent Form

Planning an educational trip with your students? This field trip consent form is for you. This school field trip consent is useful for schools where the parents or students consent to the presented terms and agreement for the trip. Field trip consent is pretty simple and straightforward, students will just enter their personal details and select choices to agree to the terms and agreement for consent. If you're an admin or a teacher, clone this field trip consent form template so you can customize it further according to your rules or preferences.

Travel Consent Forms

COVID 19 Travel Declaration Form For Parents

Collect travel declaration forms from parents or guardians. Ideal for government agencies and schools. Easy to customize, embed, and share. Secure and protected.

Travel Consent Forms

About Travel Consent Forms

A child travel consent form is signed by the child’s parent or guardian as permission for domestic or international travel, often with a school, club, or other organization. If you’re managing a summer camp, school trip, or other fun excursion, choose a free sample template to create a custom Travel Consent Form and easily collect child travel consent forms online. Embed the form in your website or open it on a tablet or computer to instantly collect legally binding e-signatures from parents — no more sending, signing, and scanning paperwork!

With Jotform Form Builder, you can customize your Travel Consent Form in seconds. Add your logo, update fonts and colors, or add instructions to ensure the form is filled out correctly. Why not integrate with your favorite apps to automatically sync submissions to other important accounts? Or link your travel consent form to a PDF template to instantly generate professional travel consent documents — perfect for presenting to travel authorities or border agents. Create a custom child travel consent form today to ensure the safety of travelling minors and give parents peace of mind.

These templates are suggested forms only. Before using this or any form as a contract or other legal document, please consult with an attorney to make sure it meets the legal needs or your situation. Do not use this form to send a legal request to Jotform.