Appraiser Forms

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Performance Appraisal Form

A performance appraisal form is used to evaluate employees’ work performance in order to see what they’re doing well and what they need to improve on.

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Online Equipment Appraisal Form

Does an online equipment appraisal sound far-fetched? Although customers would be skeptical on how that would work, this equipment appraisal template would save you a lot of time when the on-site appraisal kicks in. Prior to seeing the actual construction equipment, you can use this equipment appraisal form template to gather information about the equipment, its current condition, photos of it, and the contact details of the client.

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Antique Appraisal Form

An Antique Appraisal Form is a form filled out by antique appraisers to estimate the worth of an antique object. No coding!

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Appraisal Request Form

Ideal for Appraisal Company Websites, Facility managers, Properties landlords, Arquitects .

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Boat Appraisal Form

A boat appraisal form is used by boating enthusiasts to give a value estimate of a boat according to the condition it is in.

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Property Assessment Form

A property assessment form is an online survey that is used to gather information about the value of a property. No coding features to customize!

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Gun Appraisal Form

A gun appraisal form is a questionnaire used by gun and antique collectors to find out the value of firearms.

Appraiser Forms

About Appraiser Forms

Whether you need to appraise antiques, properties, vehicles, or employee performance — Jotform’s powerful Appraiser Forms make it easy to record and store all your information online. Get started right away by using one of our readymade templates below, and fully customize it to meet your needs with our intuitive form builder. No coding knowledge required — simply drag and drop to add your own branding, choose fonts and colors, edit text fields and checklist items, install helpful widgets and integrations, and more. Once you’re satisfied with the look and feel of your form, you can access it from any device and start filling it out right away. Make appraisals quick and convenient with our fully-customizable Appraiser Forms.