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Property management forms are used by property management companies to collect lease agreements, consent forms, rental applications, and more from future tenants and property owners. With these handy Property Management Forms from Jotform, your business can make the switch from messy paper forms to contactless online forms — accessible from all devices.

Customize your chosen property management form template to match your brand with our intuitive form builder. Drag and drop to pick fonts and colors, upload branding assets like photos or videos, change your form layout, integrate with helpful tools, and more! Keep your property agreements and applications neat and organized with these easy-to-use property management templates from Jotform.

Property Inquiry Form

Selling properties and looking for buyers made easier using this property inquiry form. This property inquiry form or real state inquiry form allows the buyer to get a list of the desired properties and arrange the visit conveniently. This real estate inquiry form collects basic information of the interested person, the kind of property they are interested in and the information for visit arrangement. A simple yet professional looking real estate customer inquiry form format that you can customize or easily format in the form builder. Try it out now and enjoy the perks of using this real estate inquiry form template.

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Property Information Form

A property information form is a form used to collect information about a property. Customize this template according to your needs. No coding!

Real Estate Forms

Property Maintenance Request

The Property Maintenance Request Form allows taking action faster and easier as your customers only provide their name, apartment number and describe the work they request through the form. Thus, through the submissions you can make improvements or reformations accordingly.

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Property Purchase Order Form

A property purchase form that allows interested buyers to send a purchase order for listed properties and provides you with both the agents and buyers information thus allowing for a smooth and faster transaction.

Purchase Order Forms

Rental History Verification Form

This rental history verification form is used by landlords and property managers to verify details about a tenant’s rental history. Simply verify an applicant’s rental history without coding!

Rental Property Inspection Forms

Move In - Move Out Inspection Form

Evaluate the structure of the building, house, or apartment by using this Move In - Move Out Inspection Form. This form template can be used when inspecting the status of the property when the tenant moves in and then moves out.

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Tenant Move Out Checklist

A Tenant Move Out Checklist is a type of form that a landlord or inspector should use before the tenant leaves or move out from the rental property. This form is also important to the tenant because this is where the landlord will base in terms of refunding the security deposit. This Tenant Move Out Checklist form template contains form fields that ask for the move-out date, tenant's information, property address, condition of the rental property, activities that the tenant should do before moving out, and digital signature from the landlord and the tenant. This template is utilizing the Input Table tool that allows you to have multiple fields in a table format. This makes the form more convenient and easy to read. This form template is using the E-Signature widget to capture the signature of the parties involved for confirmation. Using the Form Builder, you can further change, add, or edit the checklist based on your preferences.

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Property Release Form

A property release form is a legal document which, once signed, permits the transfer of rights to a piece of property from the current owner to another party

Rental Property Inspection Forms

Property Listing Form

A property listing form is used to list properties for sale or rent, usually on the web.

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Rental Property Self-Inspection Form

Check the status of the property accurately and systematically by using this Rental Property Self-Inspection Form. This form can be accessed on any device like desktop, laptop, tablet, and mobile.

Rental Property Inspection Forms

Property Management Inspection Checklist

A property management inspection checklist is a form that is filled out by a property manager who is visiting an apartment complex or home to inspect it for any repairs or maintenance issues.

Rental Property Inspection Forms

Property Management Survey

A property management survey is a customer feedback survey that allows residents to rate any apartment complex they live in.

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Property Tour Request Form

A property tour request form is a template used by real estate agents to search for potential clients interested in a property.

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Property Supplement Form

A property supplement form is used to provide necessary information about the people who live in a certain property to check if those property owners can get utilize from benefits.

Rental Property Inspection Forms