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Summer Camp Application Forms

As a summer camp director or coordinator, you’ve got your hands too full of activities to create a summer camp application form from scratch. Thankfully, our drag-and-drop Form Builder lets you customize any of our sample Summer Camp Applications Forms in just a few clicks. Add more form fields, upload images of your camp, change the fonts and colors, and even add your camp logo — you’ll end up with a unique application form that’s sure to get campers excited for the summer!

Our professionally-designed Summer Camp Application Forms make it easy to collect camper information and parental consent online. Want to do more than gather campers around the campfire? Try speeding up your workflow by bunking up with your favorite apps! Our powerful integrations and widgets let you process online payments, import submissions into your Google Drive or Dropbox, or set up autoresponder emails, all through your summer camp application form. For happier campers, take your application process online — you’ll spend less time dealing with paper applications and more time planning the best summer ever!

Royal Family Kids Camp Application Form

Charity Forms

Simple work application form that asks basic information of the applicant, either if the applicant is new, returning or has experience experience about the RFK or charity.

Application For Financial Aid

Church Forms

Here's a financial assistance application template to let fellow members of your organization apply for a financial aid. This financial assistance form template collects details about the applicant which will help you decide on approving or denying their application. The financial aid application template has a variety of questions related to the history and general financial information of the respondent.

Summer Program Application Form

Education Forms

Do you want to improve your students' overall confidence about their performance and craftsmanship? Regardless of the form of art they focus on, a training program would help them strengthen their passion for the field they have chosen. This is where a summer camp would come in handy. Here's a summer program application form that you can use to handle registrations from your students. The form will ask for the applicant's personal info, contact details, his/her legal guardian's contact details, a short essay about their experience on several forms of art and how they feel about them.

General Mountaineering Camp Application Form

Sports Forms

Get mountaineering camp applications easily with this online form and arrange camps comfortably.

Highlands Summer Camps Application

Summer Camps

Loving summer camps? We have several you can consider booking to... fill out the form template online and decide which on is your next summer's experience!

Tennis Summer Camp Application Form

Summer Camps

Tennis is a challenging racket sport that played with an opponent which originated from France. One of the best times to learn tennis would be through summer camps, where they can improve their techniques and strategies, with supervision of a trainer or professional in court. and at the same time, enjoying the game as a leisure activity. This Tennis Summer Camp Application Form provides tennis camps a quick form tool for use on their websites to receive applications for aspiring tennis players. This Tennis Summer Camp Application form contains the necessary information for registration of a student, and as an online form, eliminates the long process of accepting applications via phone, as well as eliminating piles of paper which then helps contribute to the saving of the environment.

Summer Dance Camp Application Form

Summer Camps

Dancing is an art of performance through sequences of human movement in rhythmic patterns. Dances are symbolic as well as aesthetic in form and movement and thus appreciated by visually. A summer Dance Camp is an instructional camp program for those people who would like to make dance performances either as a professional career or as a hobby or leisure. This Summer Dance Camp Application form enables dance camps to accept applications from interested persons who would like to learn various dance programs. This Summer Dance Camp Application form is one good example for a dance camp that can teach Ballet, Choreography, Hip Hop, Jazz, Modern or Contemporary dance, Musical Theater, Swing, or Tap dance. It also contains various choices for number of sessions for an applicant and allows them to choose the schedule their wish to spend their session. As an online form, it helps Summer Dance Camps receive submissions faster and with lesser interaction in receiving applications. Dance camps then can do more on other things that can help the camp.

Sports Summer Camp Application Form

Summer Camps

Summer camps are great ways for children to learn and spend their summer. And the best way to spend it with is on learning a sport that they wish, in order to have fun and while they have full of dreams of the sport they desire. This Sports Summer Camp Application form good for Camps that offer various sports in their program. This Sports Summer Camp Application form is capable of accepting different types of sport applications such as Tennis, Taekwondo, Basketball, Volleyball, Chess, and Swimming, which also enables the applicants to choose their preferred schedule in their submission. Using this method, the applicants can properly think and review their preferences before making their submission, reducing the time spent by the camp organizers in attending to their applicants. As an online form, it also helps save the environment by reducing the use of paper.

Teen Summer Camp Application Form

Summer Camps

Summer camp is a great way for kids and teenagers to make their vacation worthwhile. Parents enroll their children to summer camps to enjoy and learn things that are not given normally in schools. Summer Camps offer a variety of specialized programs that enriches your child's skills. It enables them to improve existing skills, making new friends, or pursue new interests. Summer camp for teens help in finding new opportunities and for building his character and profile, including leadership building through counseling programs. This Teen Summer Camp Application form is a quick application form categorized in different pages. The form collects the basic information, and medical information which the camp should be aware of. This Teen Summer Camp Application Form also contains an instant calculation for the chosen camps provided which will return a total sum of the different camps chosen for or by the applicant.

Summer Art Camp Application Form

Summer Camps

Summer Camps are great avenues for kids to have alternative and specialized methods for learning. Often, summer camps are avenues for children and teenagers to improve and acquire special skills from which would not normally be taught in schools. One such example of a specialized summer camp program is the Summer Art Camp, which specializes in teaching art to campers extensively. Summer Art Camp programs teach campers on art appreciation and help enhance their imagination in order to create a wonderful masterpiece. From sketching and drawing, Summer Art Camp programs teaches in depth artistry of painting and its different forms where a camper may develop his own style. It also teaches the basic technicalities of an art which would yield quality results. Enrolling kids to Summer Art Camps help them get a perspective of what avenues they may take with their passion to art such as architectural design, interior design, or graphic design, among others.