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JotForm entertainment form templates are the place to start for your next major event, contest, or award show. Just select any template below and customize it immediately in JotForm's form builder. It's all free, fun, and incredibly easy!

Introductory Questionnaire Sheet – Graphics

Advertising Forms

Request/order form for graphic work. Detailed and marking the difference between (Web, Print, & Video) Useful for outsourced graphic designers.

Awards Nomination Form

Entertainment Forms

Anybody who runs an organization such as business organization, schools, sports clubs, community group or industrial corporations can use this awards nomination form. This award nomination template is designed for every member to give the opportunity to nominate a colleague or co-worker for recognition due to exemplary work, effort or other reasons by filling out and submitting this nomination form template. Nomination forms have a section that asks the nominee award choices, nominee information and the submitter's information. As an organizer, determining the right person who best exemplifies in all aspects is now easy peasy through this award nomination form.

Trivia Quiz

Education Forms

Do you know you can create very entertaining, educating trivia quizzes with this trivia template? You can customize this well-designed trivia questions template now and receive online responses to your quiz and have fun online. This trivia form is the perfect choice to test knowledge of your friends.

e-Slam Book

Education Forms

Answer important questions and share them among your inner circle with an e-Slam book form. This e-Slam book form template allows respondents to answer questions in whichever way they deem best. Send this e-Slam book form sample to all of your friends, family members, and classmates so that you can have a wide array of answers. Using e-Slam book templates will optimize your information collection process.

Music School Registration Form

Registration Forms

Do you own a music institution that offers opportunities for all ages? Help them achieve their dream by training and teaching them on how to appreciate and love their passion through the help of this music school registration form. Use this nifty and customizable music registration form and make the signup process easier for them. This music school application form asks basic information about the student, their preferred class days and starts time. Have your future students fill this music class application form anytime to become a member of your music school.

Entertainment Booking Form

Request Forms

Do you need an entertainment booking form template? You can serve as an invitation. Use this artist booking request form template to select an artist, describe the event, the venue, expected attendance and offer amount, among other fields.

Art Submission Form

Registration Forms

Wanted to organize an artwork event? Make it possible with the help of this artwork submission form. This artist submission form is perfect for organizers and art lovers. Submitting an artwork online through this submission form template would be very convenient, fast and hassle-free. This artwork submission form asks the necessary details of your participants, like their personal details, type of art and their artwork which will help you execute a well prepared and perfectly organized art event. Start the process of selecting amazing artworks through this art submission form template!

Choir Signup Form

Application Forms

What an amazing thing that the voice with different ranges come together! Just beacuse of this reason, you may search for choir application form to reach more people to involve in your choir. With this simple choir registration form template, get submissions from applicants and find different voices for your choir. You can check this out this template and if you liked it, have a free membership form now!

Video Submit Form

File Upload Forms

Do you want to get video submissions from your clients? This video submission form template is very useful and simple to get video submissions from your clients. This video form includes name, email, terms, comments. So you can get comments from your customer by using this video submission form sample.

Talent Registration Form

Registration Forms

Talent Search Form. Do you have what it takes? Take center stage. Include your performance stage, videos, programs. Send resume and your profile photo.

Guest Speaker Form

Registration Forms

Do you want to invite guest speaker? This, speaker information form template used for booking guest speakers. Guest speaker form allows for the gathering of information about guest speaker's personal information, home university or institution. Also, speaker booking form contains the title of the talk, description of talk and location of the reception.

Party Invitation Form

Entertainment Forms

Invite people to a party easily with this online form. Don't worry about the guest number anymore.

Parade Entry Form

Registration Forms

This parade entry form template is what you looking for if a parade registration form is needed. With this parade line up template, you can collect attendants information and also accept payments as parade entry fee. You can check this out and use for free!

To Do Reminder

Business Forms

A to do form and time tracking always come in pairs. When you need to schedule things to be done, you need to track your time as well. Here's a reminders template that can help with that task. This reminder form will have a date field for the deadline, an input table for the to-do list, and a textarea if you need to leave personal notes or description for the tasks at hand. Use this reminder form now and finish those projects on time.

Music Submission Form

File Upload Forms

Do you want to collaborate with other music artists? Use this music submission form to get the artists information and their music instantly. This music artist submission form is basically designed for the music artists to upload their music and deliver it straight into your email for evaluation or collaboration depending on your purpose. The music submission email template can be modified according to your preference. Music submission is now way easier and faster through an online form!

Fitness Feedback Form

Healthcare Forms

If you service a fitness, and if you want to get a feedback from your clients, this gym feedback form template provides to get a feedback. You can get comments from your clients by using this fitness feedback form template. You can customize this feedback form for gym. This client evaluation form will come in handy for your service.

Bridal Show Contact Form

Contact Forms

Use this simple bridal show contact form template if you are organizing a bridal show and expo in your city or town and invite wedding service providers into one event. This bridal show contact form would allow all engaged couple to reach you and inquire about the bridal show that you are hosting. This bridal show sign up sheet template can also be used by any couple to request organizers or event producers to set up a plan for their upcoming wedding. This bridal show sign in sheet is simple, it only asked for the couple's information, their ceremony date, and the venue.

Music Promotion Form

File Upload Forms

Get musicians all around the globe to promote their music to you with this online form.

JotForm Quiz

Education Forms

A quiz form that allows the users to know their final score. This quiz form template includes a full name and email. Then, the user answers the questions. If the score was not 100% they are given with the option to take the quiz again until they get the best score. Also, when the quiz is finished, the user can share her/his comments about the quiz.

Popstar Singing Contest Registration Form

Registration Forms

Are you organizing a pop star singing contest? By using this simple singing competition form, you can registry contestant candidates easily. This sample registration form for a singing competition allows gathering name, email, birth date information. Also, contestant candidates can upload their songs or share links. So, you can get details that are your need, to find the best candidates.

Personal Data Sheet

Entertainment Forms

This is a data sheet for signing new artists on a label

Spanish Event Management Form

Registration Forms

This template will help you to give a better service of events, your clients only have to fill a few fields and this way you can manage your event.

Summer Program Application Form

Registration Forms

Do you want to improve your students' overall confidence about their performance and craftsmanship? Regardless of the form of art they focus on, a training program would help them strengthen their passion for the field they have chosen. This is where a summer camp would come in handy. Here's a summer program application form that you can use to handle registrations from your students. The form will ask for the applicant's personal info, contact details, his/her legal guardian's contact details, a short essay about their experience on several forms of art and how they feel about them.

Hotel Guest Preference Booking Form

Entertainment Forms

This form is used to grab preferences of hotel guests before they come visit your hotel. It helps in providing more personalized experience

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