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Polls and questionnaires are the perfect way to gauge opinion on a range of issues facing your organization. Now they're easier than ever to set up. Get started with a JotForm poll template and customize it with your own questions and brand in our form builder.

Employee Nomination Form

Employment Forms

Nominations within a company is a great way to boost morale. And for these instances, an employee nomination form is the easiest way to gather votes. This employee award nomination form template will have fields that best describe the employee being nominated. An employee recognition form template should also contain questions that will highlight the accomplishments of the nominees as well as their strengths when working with a team. Use the best employee nomination form and keep those votes coming.

Political Poll

Petition Forms

Get a full scale political poll from the visitors and determine what the country thinks of the current politics.

SCC - Website Feedback

Feedback Forms

If you have, own, or manage a website then this is a form that is definitely for you. This form allows users and visitors of your website to rate and give feedback including comments about your website which can help you to improve it!

SPA Evaluation Form

Evaluation Forms

If you are working in a clinical laboratory, you can use this skin care product evaluation form to evaluate products and make them safe for consumers. This spa feedback form will allow your customers to submit products to review and at the same time, submit their medical information that would help you run the evaluation process. If you are working in a beauty parlor or spa, you can use this skin care product feedback form to ask customers their comment regarding their experience with your skin care services. Use this spa form to ask customers if they wish to avail of your services and help them improve their beauty.

Exam Date Poll - Colorful

Education Forms

This template allows your students to take part n a poll for their preferred examination period. The form is designed simply with a colorful design.

Top 25 College Football Poll

Sports Forms

Collect the first 3 with the top 25 college football poll.

Artists Statistics Poll


Use this poll to get voters to choose the best artist among the list, the form has the songs added to it using the SoundCloud widget

MRGC Voting form 2016


A voting form that that permits only 1 vote

Economical Statistics Poll


Use this exit poll to get voters' demographics after an election.

Portuguese Questionaire


This is a basic Questionaire Form written in Portuguese.

Vote Exam Date

Education Forms

Get exam date requests from your students if you have a flexible curriculum.



Città di provenienza dei sostenitori del "Progeto Siclia"

Voting contest based on video


This form contains a header area, a video area (youtube upload), a voting section, as well as sharing options

Vote Exam Date - Flat Color

Education Forms

Get majority of students decisions about when the exam date should be. This is a very short form with flat flamigo background theme.

Students Login 011

Education Forms

Students are able to login here

Spanish Restaurant Service Survey

Services Forms

Form in Spanish Language. Useful to evaluate service at restaurants. Quiere saber lo que sus clientes piensan de su servicio? Use este formulario para saber lo que ellos piensan y las areas en las que puede mejorar.

Motivauswahl für den Gletschersprung


A simple design-selection form. Users would simply choose among the images shown and submit their names.

VA Info and Tasks List


Donna here you go

Straw Poll

Business Forms

Straw Polls are mainly used to get the general inclination of the public before an election. With this straw poll template, you will be able to collect opinion of people on not only politics but also any subject you would like. You can also filter the collected data according to voter's level of education.

Visitas de Prospecção

Evaluation Forms

Esta é uma forma de português, muito útil para processos de verificação, tais como visitas a lojas, avaliação de possíveis parceiros, serviços, relatórios etc

NY Senate Poll form 2018


Poll template for senate elections.

PGx Tox form - ADV GEN


This little PGx piggy went to the Tox

Marketing Request Form



redro mrof



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