Education Surveys

24 Templates

Gather important insight from your educational institution’s faculty, students, and parents seamlessly with free online Education Surveys from Jotform. Pick from one of the below templates to use as-is or customize to match your needs. Then simply embed or share your survey to start collecting responses. From student to staff surveys, Jotform is the educational survey solution for you.

Customize the design of your educational survey easily with Jotform’s drag-and-drop form builder. Add your school’s logo, integrate with other useful tools and widgets, change fonts and colors, edit letter text, and more — no coding knowledge required. Ditch the messy paper surveys and switch to Jotform’s powerful online Education Surveys that work well on any type of device.

Student Survey

Find out what students think about topics like curriculum, materials, and facilities with Student Survey.

School Surveys

Classroom Observation Survey

Does your school accommodate external reviews by conducting class observations? Once the reviewer is done, observation survey forms would surely help in letting them share their feedback. This classroom observation template will ask the panel the teachers/classes they observed, the grade level, how the environment was throughout the session, and the overall knowledge, skills, behavior, class management, and the overall impression of the class. Use this observation survey template to improve your teachers and students alike.

School Surveys

Teacher Satisfaction Survey

Make the teachers happy by attending to their needs and listening to their feedback by using this Teacher Satisfaction Survey. This form template contains all the required questions when building a survey.

School Surveys

Student Interest Survey

Encourage the students to enjoy the school year by making them interested in the school activities and class lessons. In order to identify their expectations, have them fill up this Student Interest Survey form.

School Surveys

Reopening School Survey

Get parent input about whether to send their children to school. Free survey for school administrators. Easy to customize and embed. Works on any device.

School Surveys

Student Stress Survey

A student stress survey is a student-administered tool used to examine stress levels in students. Use this free Student Stress Survey to find out how your students are coping with the demands of schoolwork and other activities.

School Surveys

Class Feedback Survey

This is a simple form for students to give feedback on a course. There are 5 questions about easiest, hardest, most worthwhile, least worthwhile parts of the course. Also, the students can add any comments and suggestions by using this class feedback survey template. So, you can improve the course with this class feedback form.

School Surveys

School Survey For Parents

Get a better understanding of your students’ parents. Free survey template for schools and educators. Easy to customize, embed, and fill out. No coding.

School Surveys

School Withdrawal Survey

This school withdrawal survey form is designed to collect feedback from its current students who are not returning the following year. Their thoughts and impressions of the school's program are valuable, so collect them with ease through this school withdrawal form. This elementary school withdrawal form template asks the students about their personal info, who filled out the student withdrawal form, grade, their thoughts, and disappointments. To find out why are they leaving and get to know their reasons, use this school withdrawal survey form template now!

School Surveys

Student Motivation Survey

A student motivation survey is a questionnaire which helps the school counselor in assessing the strengths, weaknesses and needs of the students.

School Surveys

Online Learning Survey

An online learning survey is a questionnaire used by e-learning companies to find out how students feel about their experience in e-learning courses.

Survey Templates

Preschool Parent Survey Form

Would you like to know how satisfied parents are with your school with the Preschool Parent Survey Form? If yes, let's get you here. By the way, no code required!

School Surveys

Student Perception Survey

A student perception survey is used by teachers to understand how students perceive their classroom experience. Collect the feedback you need easily!

School Surveys

School Transport Survey

A school transport survey is an online questionnaire that lets teachers or school administration get information on school transport. No coding is necessary to customize!

School Surveys

Sunday School Survey

A sunday school survey is a questionnaire administered to members of a church’s sunday school.

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School Family Engagement Survey

A school family engagement survey is a questionnaire used by schools to find out how families are enjoying their educational experiences. No coding!

School Surveys

School Climate Survey

A school climate survey is a document created by teachers, administrators, and students to gauge a school's social environment.

School Surveys

Home School Survey

A home school survey is a questionnaire used to capture information about an individual's home school experience.

Survey Templates

Back To School Parent Survey

A back to school parent survey is used by educators to collect information from parents about their child’s education during the home schooling period and what they think about the reopening of schools.

School Surveys

K 12 Parent Survey

A K-12 parent survey is a questionnaire used by teachers to collect feedback from parents about the classroom experience. Make this form your own and start collecting feedback from parents today!

Education Forms

School System Survey

A school system survey is a questionnaire used by city authorities to find out how people are approaching to the city school system.

School Surveys

PhD Student Survey

A PhD Student Survey is a questionnaire used by professors to gather feedback from their students.

Education Surveys

Behavior Observation Form

A behavior observation form is a document used by educators to standardize the way student behavior is communicated to parents.

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General Electives Survey

A general electives survey template is a questionnaire used by teachers to collect information from students about desired electives.

Education Surveys