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Collect all the information you need to run your legal practice. Gather and manage client intake, request, and declaration forms in one easy place with free Lawyer Forms from Jotform. Choose a template and customize your own form with our no-code drag-and-drop builder. Upload your firm’s logo, pick fonts and colors, and integrate your form with 100+ third-party platforms in a few easy clicks. Embed your completed form in your website and send it out to your clients for easy access. Streamline your workflow with powerful Lawyer Forms from Jotform.

Conflict of Interest Declaration Form

Have an online-based conflict of interest declaration for your officers and employees with this Conflict of Interest Declaration Form Template. Copy and embed this template to your website or provide a link to your officers needing a declaration and let them fill out the form at their own convenience and no printing required.

Information Request Forms

Durable Power of Attorney Form

No need to spend hours or days crafting your durable power of attorney. Cut the drafting time in minutes with this Durable Power of Attorney Form template. Copy this template to your Jotform account for free!

Consent Forms

Legal Client Intake Form

Optimize your professional services using web forms as your intake form to receive legal concerns and close future agreements with web-based walk-ins. Use this Legal Client Intake Form template and never miss a client anymore.

Registration Forms

Living Will Form

A living will form is a legal document that allows a person to determine how their assets are to be distributed. All can be achieved without coding!

Healthcare Forms

Request for Attorney Representation

A request for attorney representation form is used to request legal representation from a lawyer. No coding is necessitated. Easy to use.

Petition Forms

Divorce Complaint Form

A divorce complaint form is used in the legal profession to document the reasons for wanting a divorce. Use this template without coding!

Lawyer Forms

Child Custody Form

A child custody form is a document used by a court to determine which parent has custody of a child. Take the first step toward being more organized and efficient with our free Child Custody Form template.

Lawyer Forms