Personal and Family Information Form

Personal and Family Information Form

Are you running a business that needs collecting personal information? Or are you preparing an estate plan? Then this personal and family information form is for you. With this basic personal information form, you can gather all the necessary information to make an estate plan. This family information form can also help life insurance companies who are seeking to find an easier way to collect family information. If you need any necessary information on the form that is lacking, or if you think that some fields are unnecessary, you can customize this personal information template by your own needs. Form Preview
Personal and Family Information Form Template | JotForm
  • PART 1

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    •   Name Birth date Parent or Relationship Comments
    • ADVISORS  
    • NAME

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    • Your Concerns

    • Please rate the following as to how important they are to you:

      (H high concern, S some concerned, L low concern, N/A no concern or not applicable)

    •   Level of Concern
      Desire to get affairs in order and create a comprehensive plan to manage affairs in case of death or disability.
      Providing for and protecting a spouse.
      Providing for and protecting children.
      Providing for and protecting grandchildren.
      Disinheriting a family member.
      Providing for charities at the time of death.
      Plan for the transfer and survival of a family business.
      Avoiding or reducing your estate taxes.
      Avoiding probate.
      Reduce administration costs at time of your death.
      Avoiding a conservatorship (“living probate”) in case of a disability.
      Avoiding will contests or other disputes upon death.
      Protecting assets from lawsuits or creditors.
      Preserving the privacy of affairs in case of disability or at time of death from business competitors, predators, dishonest persons and curiosity seekers.
      Plan for a child with disabilities or special needs, such as medical or learning disabilities.
      Protecting children’s inheritance from the possibility of failed marriages.
      Protect children’s inheritance in the event of a surviving spouse’s remarriage.
      Provide that your death shall not be unnecessarily prolonged by artificial means or measures.
    • Important Family Questions  
    •   YES NO
      Are you (or your spouse) receiving Social Security, disability, or other governmental benefits? Describe ____________________________________________________
      Are you (or your spouse) making payments pursuant to a divorce or property settlement order? Please furnish a copy
      If married, have you and your spouse signed a pre- or post-marriage contract? Please furnish a copy
      Have you (or your spouse) been widowed? If a federal estate tax return or a state death tax return was filed, please furnish a copy
      Have you (or your spouse) ever filed federal or state gift tax returns?
      Please furnish copies of these returns
      Have you (or your spouse) completed previous will, trust, or estate planning? Please furnish copies of these documents
      Do you support any charitable organizations now that you wish to make provisions for at the time of your death? If so, please explain below.
      Are there any other charitable organizations you wish to make provisions for at the time of your death? If so, please explain below.
      If married, have you lived in any of the following states while married to each other? Arizona, California, Idaho, Louisiana, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas, Washington, or Wisconsin
      Are you (or your spouse) currently the beneficiary of anyone else’s trust? If so, please explain below.
      Do any of your children have special educational, medical, or physical needs?
      Do any of your children receive governmental support or benefits?
      Do you provide primary or other major financial support to adult children or others?