Form Templates by EltonCris

Get Sine (sin)

Basic form that calculates the sine of the entered number using the Form Calculation Widget. E.g. sin(number)

Calculation Forms

Logarithm10 (LN10) Sample Form

Like LN2, this sample calculation form returns the natural logarithm of 10.

Calculation Forms

Get Arcsine (asin) Form

Just like acos, this form is for asin calculation. This calculates user input and return the asin value.

Calculation Forms

Get Arctangent (atan) Form

Use this form to calculate arctangent of the specified number.

Calculation Forms

Get Tangent (tan)

Basic calculation form that outputs the tangent of the entered number. This is made simply possible with the Form Calculation Widget.

Calculation Forms

Get Cosine (cos) Form

A simple form that returns the cosine value of the inputted number.

Calculation Forms

Get Euler's Number (exp)

A basic calculation form that calculates the inputted number multiplied by E (Euler's Number = 2.718281828459045)

Calculation Forms

Get Arccosine (acos) Form

Advanced Math Form. This Calculates Arccosine (acos) out of the user input.

Calculation Forms

Logarithm2 (LN2) Sample Form

Sample calculation form with math function Logarithm2 (LN2). The entered number returns the natural logarithm of 2.

Calculation Forms

Base-10 logarithm of E (LOG10E) Calculation Form

Just like LOG2E, this has base of 10. This returns the Base-10 logarithm out of the entered number.

Calculation Forms

Contact Us - Grid Frame Theme

Another great looking contact form with grid lines background and round inputs.

Contact Forms

Base-2 logarithm of E (LOG2E) Calculation Form

Sample form for LOG2E Calculation. This returns the base-2 logarithm of E.

Calculation Forms

Contact Form - Treehouse Theme

Contact form that is base on treehouse form template. Huge fields makes it easier to fill.

Contact Forms

Get the Square Root of 1/2 with SQRT1_2

This form calculates the square root of 1/2 of the entered number using math function SQRT1_2 on the Calculation Wizard

Calculation Forms

University Resident Assistant Application Form

An agreement form for university students about residents and other commitments

Application Forms

Multiply the number with Square Root of 2 (SQRT2)

Just like the function SQRT1_2, this multiplies the number with the square root of 2 √2 or 1.414

Calculation Forms

Get Logarithm (log) Form

This form will output the logarithm of the entered number.

Calculation Forms

Woodshop Contact Form

Simple contact form with wood theme that is best for any woodcraft industry.

Contact Forms

Share Story Contest Form

Story Contest Form with clear, white and great looking frame background.

Content Forms

Contact A Person

Simple contact form where you can choose which specific person you'd like to get in touch. It's condition redirects your inquiry to the specific email you have chosen in the radio options.

Contact Forms

Contact Form - Dark Night City

A very attractive semi-transparent contact form with city view background. The background portraits the purpose of the contact form.

Contact Forms

Science Fiction Awards U21

This can be used in any science fields for awards or contest like inventions. It's modern looking theme adds great value to the field.

Award Forms

Calculate Arctangent2 (atan2) Form

This is similar with Arctangent (atan), though this returns the arctangent of the quotient of its arguments, as a numeric value.

Calculation Forms

Food Security Seminar Volunteer Form

A form with customized yellow green color scheme with custom check box select all widget.

Volunteer Forms