Form Templates by LisaLakin

COVID-19 Private Inspections Disclosure Form

Keep records of site visits for a private property inspection that can help mitigate the spread of COVID-19. Use this COVID-19 Private Inspections Disclosure Form Template here in Jotform!

Inspection Forms

COVID-19 Symptom Questionnaire

A COVID-19 symptom questionnaire is used by doctors to find out if a patient has been diagnosed with COVID-19.

Healthcare Forms

COVID-19 Vaccinator Retention Survey

Retain your roster from COVID-19 vaccinators and have them assigned to other prospective projects. Use this COVID-19 Vaccinator Retention Survey Form Template for free!

Healthcare Forms

Locate a Dealer Form

With a Locate a Dealer Form, you can streamline your dealership’s online presence and find the car buying experience online.

Request Forms

SEO Content Details Form

An SEO content details form is a document that is used by creative professionals to get information about the content of a website and the way it is written.

Information Request Forms

Sleeping Questionnaire

A sleeping questionnaire is used to help medical professionals determine the cause of a patient’s sleep issues. Just customize the form for your practice, and start getting responses from patients.

Healthcare Forms

Allergy Immunotherapy Patient Intake Form

Let your patients fill out the intake form for allergy immunotherapy using their own devices or your clinic's device and store records digitally. Use this Allergy Immunotherapy Patient Intake Form Template for free!

Healthcare Forms

Lead Generation Survey

The Lead Generation Survey is a tool for assessing employees's impressions of their departments's lead generation practices in order to determine the company's strengths and weaknesses in this area.

Business Forms

Franchise Onboarding Survey

A franchise onboarding survey is a form used by franchisors to collect feedback from franchisees regarding their experience in joining the franchise system.

Business Forms

Return to In-Person Learning Survey

Get your students' insights on learning in a school setting. Use this Return to In-Person Learning Survey Form template and get to see the overall perception of your students based on the options you provide.

Education Forms

Care Package Order Form

Organize a care package program in your local community with ease. Use this Care Package Order Form Template for free!

Food & Beverage Order Forms

Learning Preferences Survey

A learning preferences survey is used to collect information about how people prefer to learn new information or complete tasks. Just customize the questions, download the form templates, and get started wit no coding features.

Education Forms

New York State Traveler Health Form

Switch to digital web forms for your New York State Traveler Health Forms. Use this New York State Traveler Health Form Template here in Jotform.

Healthcare Forms

Allergy Immunotherapy Consent Form

Let your patients understand more about allergy immunotherapy and help them make informed decisions. Use this Allergy Immunotherapy Consent Form Template to your Jotform account!

Healthcare Forms

Career Path Survey

A career path survey is a questionnaire used by career advisors to determine where a student should focus their studies. Use this Career Path Survey template to collect information about career goals and professional needs.

Survey Templates

Graduate Teaching Feedback Form

A Graduate Teaching Feedback Form is used to evaluate teaching in terms of organization and delivery.

Education Forms

COVID-19 Testing Demographic Consent Form

A COVID-19 test demographic consent form is a patient survey that allows medical organizations to collect patient demographics, general health information and vaccination status from potential subjects prior to a COVID-19 PCR test.

Coronavirus Response Forms

Food Consumption Survey

A food consumption survey is used by dietitians to measure the frequency and amount of fast food consumed by a patient.

Healthcare Forms

School Intent Form

Prepare your institution in anticipating the number of students who will enroll prior to registration. Get this free School Intent Form and start pre-registering your students.

Education Forms

Returning Patient Form

Digitize your patient records easily and make them portable. Use this Returning Patient Form template and keep your patient's records in a HIPAA compliant database by JotForm.

Healthcare Forms

Periodontal Referral Form

A periodontal referral form is a document used by dentists and dental offices to collect information from patients about their dental health. No coding!

Patient Registration Form Templates

Daycare Feedback Form

Gather feedback from parents on any device. Analyze results to improve your daycare service. Easy-to-customize online form. Share or embed in seconds. No coding.

School Surveys

Dodgeball Registration Form

A dodgeball registration form is used by a school, business, or organization to register their members for dodgeball.

Sports Forms

Third-Party Release Form

Third-Party Release Forms are used by individuals to authorize third-parties to receive and access sensitive personal information and records.

Consent Forms