Form Templates by MarkPastor

Tutor Appointment Form

Schedule appointments for your tutoring sessions. Free appointment form for tutors. Easy to customize and embed. Works on any device. No coding required.

Appointment Forms

Esthetician Consent Form

An esthetician consent form is a document used by salons to pledge their services to qualified applicants. Whether you’re looking to attract new clients or retain current customers, use this free Esthetician Consent Form template!

Informed Consent Forms

Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire

A physical activity readiness questionnaire is a fitness assessment that is administered to new fitness participants to evaluate their level of physical activity.

Questionnaire Templates

Construction Estimate Form

Generate estimates for your construction business online. Easy-to-customize form template. Fill out on any device. Turn submissions into PDF estimates automatically.

Work Request Forms

Butthurt Form

Give an individual a chance to file a complaint or report an incident where he/she was offended or threatened by using this Butthurt Form. This template contains all the necessary questions when filing a report.

Report Forms

Therapy Booking Form

Schedule appointments for your therapy service online. Free booking form template. Easy to customize and embed. Integrate with Google Calendar, Zoom, and 100+ apps.

Booking Forms

Massage Booking Form

A massage booking form is a type of online form that can be used by massage therapists to schedule appointments with clients. No coding!

Booking Forms

Hair Stylist Waiver Form

Protect your hairstylist by using this Hair Stylist Waiver Form and have the client sign it. This waiver form will release the hairstylist for any liabilities related to the service provided.

Salon Forms

Confirmation Of Booking Form

A confirmation of booking form is a document that confirms the details of a booking. Just customize this free form according to your needs. No coding!

Booking Forms

Cosmetic Survey

A cosmetic survey is a questionnaire created by a makeup artist or cosmetic store owner to help them better understand their customer’s needs. Customize this template with no coding features!

Survey Templates

Daycare Application Form

A daycare application form is a questionnaire used by parents interested in enrolling their children in a daycare facility. Customize this free template without coding!

Application Forms

Waxing Consultation Form

A waxing consultation form is a form used by estheticians for collecting information regarding the needs of a customer that plans to get a wax treatment. Use this Waxing Consultation Form without coding!

Salon Forms

Restaurant Table Reservation Form

An online restaurant table reservation form is used to track bookings and manage reservations through a hotel’s website. Take your restaurant into the 21st century with our free Restaurant Table Reservation Form.

Reservation Forms

Social Media Onboarding Form Template

A social media management onboarding form is a questionnaire that is used to capture information from potential hires when they are hired at a company that provides social media management services.

Job Application Forms

IT Operation Checklist

An IT Operation Checklist is used by tech support teams to determine the status of a computer, server, or network.

Tracking Forms

Youth Baseball Evaluation Form

Accurately measures the current skills of a youth baseball player by using this Youth Baseball Evaluation Form. This form template can be filled out on any device including desktop and mobile.

Sports Forms

Turn Over Form

A Turn Over Form is a document that can be used to return a product that the customer or client is not satisfied with.

Product Order Forms

Sponsorship Donation Form

A sponsorship donation form is used by businesses looking to track donations received from sponsors. Add your logo, archive your submissions, and change fields with Jotform's no coding features!

Donation Forms

Electrical Service Work Order Form

An electrical service work order form is used by service technicians to log jobs they have been assigned. No coding!

Work Request Forms

Experiment Consent Form

An experiment consent form is a legal contract used to obtain permission from subjects to undertake an experiment or study on them. Customize this form according to your needs. No coding!

Informed Consent Forms

Bike Booking Form

A bike booking form is used to get bookings for bikes through a website. It is a fast way to get the booking process done. Easy to use. No coding.

Booking Forms

Church Nursery Registration Form

A church nursery registration form is used by a church to register children under the age of 5 for its nursery. Manage and store information safely.

Student Registration Forms

TB Skin Test Results Form

A TB skin test results form gathers the results of a skin testing procedure to determine tuberculosis infection.

Healthcare Forms

Immigration Intake Form

An immigration intake form is a questionnaire used by immigration lawyers to collect the necessary information for their clients. No coding!

Report Forms