Form Templates by RR151

Restaurant Food Photos

This form is used to get food photos of the restaurant's most popular menu items. It allows the clients to take phone photos of the menu item as it is being plated and delivered. Check it out and have fun. RR

Marketing Forms

Wine And Meal News

This is an electronic wine journal that paired to specific food recipes. It is good for the wine store looking to build client information about specific wines. Check it out and have fun...RR

Marketing Forms

Sales Referral Form

This form is called "Buy You Lunch" and is designed to work with any sales team looking to build an email list through a referral program. This sample is specific to the auto dealer and 4 sales people.

Lead Generation Forms

The Act Of Kindness

A random act of kindness scavenger hunt can start with one small act. You can bring joy, surprise, or help into another person's day. It could even be what the person needs to develop a more positive outlook on life in general. Most acts of kindness cost very little, and many cost nothing at all. While it is impossible to put a price tag on another person's happiness, you will feel good about yourself when you make a difference in someone's life.

Charity Forms

Photo By City

A photo party game for the enthusiastic photographer, with a phone camera and their friends. This web form is designed to have fun learning interesting facts and taking photos of your local city. This game is for everybody that has an interest in taking photos of their home town/city, learning tourist facts and having fun with friends. So let's have some fun and start to take great photos of your home.

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