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Domain Leasing Application Form

For domain providers, use this domain lease agreement template if you wish to lease out a domain name to another company or individual for their business/personal use. This domain lease agreement is a template that has all the information required for a kind of an agreement which you can send out to your prospects or existing clients if they want to add a domain on their list. On this domain name lease agreement, you can add your payment terms, available domains for lease, your liability clause, and the option for clients to opt in for website maintenance. This domain application form is an open template that can be printed to give your clients an option to sign the agreement by paper.

Application Forms

Group Enquiry Single Destination

This is the perfect B2B group enquiry form for a single destination. Your end user will be able to submit an enquiry for Flights, Rail, Apartments, Hotels, Hostels, Day Trips and Field Trips. Easy to adjust for B2C for any busy travel agency With a simple clean layout, you can easily adjust to meet your own brands needs.

Event Booking Forms