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Form Templates by aytekin

Signup Form

Membership Forms

Simple membership signup form to get people to apply for a membership for a club, organization or website.

Stripe Example: Cookie Order Form

Bakery Order Forms

Sample stripe payment form for one time payments

Online Petition Form with E-Signature

Petition Forms

Start a petition to change the world! With this online petition form, you can let people electronically sign the petition that you are running with a mouse. Also, you can use HTML Reports to embed the signatures of this electronic petition on your site as well. Use this online petition template and let other people sign & join your petition with an ease!

Stripe Example: Donation

Donation Forms

Need a simple way to collect payments from your clients? Use a Stripe donation form. This Stripe donate template will offer predefined donation values for your customers, as well as an option to enter their own desired amount if needed. Other than that, it will only ask for their name, email and address so if you need more, feel free to customize the template.

Stripe Example: Magazine Request Form

E-commerce Forms

Sample Stripe credit card subscription form

Download Whitepaper Form

Lead Generation Forms

Get leads by offering whitepaper download to your website visitors with this download whitepaper form and send them to your mailing list for weekly newsletters. This white paper form will serve your purpose of generating leads of different category for your use or your clients. This white paper template is simple and will only ask visitors to provide their name, email, and phone to download the whitepaper. You can deliver the whitepaper from this white paper download to your submitters either by the email or automatic redirect download.

Calculate Number of Days

Reservation Forms

Number of dates from a specific date to another date.

My Writing Log: Track Your Writing

Tracking Forms

The idea for this form is from S.J. Scott’s Writing Habit Mastery book. The goal of this template is to find out the most productive time and place for your writing and turn it into a habit.

Simple Contact Form Service

Contact Forms

A simple contact form for your website. Add a webform to your web site.

Calculate Square Root Form

Calculation Forms

A web form to calculate square root of a number.