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Whether it’s a complaint, incident or bug, giving one a proper way to report is pretty important. You can get all the information you need with our report form templates. Jotform’s online report forms are fully customizable and completely free to use. With the Jotform builder, your report templates have access to widgets, apps, and themes to encourage engagement and improve the amount of information collected. Select a report form example from our collection or get started on a fresh form. Try one of our free online report form templates today!

Job Form

Job log form provides you with the job title, staff name, and date with each of the tasks that are accomplished, their start and end time, work description, materials that are used in the process, and the files related to the job.

Agent Productivity Report Form

Do you want your agents to submit a productivity report on their work or assigned task? Use this Agent Productivity Report Form make it easier for them to submit their productivity report on a daily or weekly basis. As the head or the agent managers, this productivity report template will help ease the process of receiving and getting a summary of the agent's performance. Productivity reports are ways to determine if the agent has improved on the appointed areas or their job. This is an essential part to help them develop their skills and business capabilities. Clone one of our productivity reports templates and start customizing it based on your business needs.

Asset Allocation Form

An asset allocation form is a questionnaire that is used to help investors determine which investment portfolio is right for their assets. Customize this free template without coding!

Asset Disposal Form

An asset disposal form is a form used to document the disposal process of assets. It is used by banks, state agencies, and other businesses to keep track of their assets.

Job Applicant Reference Report Form

A job applicant reference report form is used by employers to collect references on a job applicant.

Monthly Business Expense Report Form

A monthly business expense report form is used by small businesses to track and report on business expenses on a monthly basis. Customize and track expenses online.

SEO Business Report Form

A SEO business report form is a report template used by webmasters to gather information about SEO techniques, tools, and related metrics used by online businesses.

Chiropractic Business Report Form

A chiropractic business report form is a document used by chiropractors to track their office business progress and management.

Void Items Record Form

A void items record form is used by businesses to document when items are returned to them by customers.

Department Report Form

Department Report Form Template helps you collect the weekly issues and the actions that have been taken to solve them so you can prepare weekly reports for departments.

Free Police Incident Report Template

The Police Incident Report Form allows citizens to report a non-urgent incident or matter providing the information of date, time, location and any further details of the issue.

School Incident Report Form

The School Incident Report Form allows immediate reporting of an incident occurred, providing student, staff, date/time, location, responder information. It also detects the motivation behind mentioned incident and its consequence

First Aid Incident Report Form

The only thing worse than dealing with an incident? Filling out the paperwork for it. Instead of using a paper form that’ll slow you down, why not use this online First Aid Incident Report Form that can be filled out on any device? Whether for school or work, this form can be used to record personal information, incident details, and medical injuries. The first-aid provider can complete the form with their own contact information and e-signature, and use the included Glasgow Coma Scale in the event of a head injury. If you’d like to add more categories, customize this First Aid Incident Report Form Template using our drag-and-drop Form Builder. Link the form with your Slack workspace to quickly inform others of the injury, or integrate it with Google Sheets or Airtable to keep all data in one place. With a Silver or Gold plan, this HIPAA-compliant report form will keep sensitive medical information safe. Our First Aid Incident Report Form Template makes it easier to document incidents as they occur, so you can focus more on providing treatment when it’s required.

Fire Department Incident Report

Do you want to be a volunteer in the fire department and save a life? With this volunteer fire department incident report template, you can find a volunteer firefighter. Fire department run report form that allows you to report call type, the situation found, the officer in charge and units involved.

General Incident Report

A General Incident Report form is a document that records and documents any incident.

Incident Report Tracking

An incident report tracking form is a document used by employees at businesses to document accidents and safety hazards that occur at work.

Incident Report Template

Campground Incident report

Church Incident Report Form

A church incident report form is a form for churches or religious organizations to report incidents to law enforcement or other public authorities.

Staff Incident Report

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Security Incident Report Form

A security incident report form is used by businesses, organizations or security officers to document details of any security incident.

Fire Alarm System Report Form

This fire alarm system report form template is to monitor, inspect, test and evaluate all the fire alarm system devices you have by gathering company details with system information, inspection details, etc.

Fire Department Incident Report

Do you want to be a volunteer in the fire department and save a life? With this volunteer fire department incident report template, you can find a volunteer firefighter. Fire department run report form that allows you to report call type, the situation found, the officer in charge and units involved.

Fire Call Report Sheet

Howard County VFD


Basic Fire Department field report

Initial Fire Incident Report

Fire Incident Report

Illegal Fireworks Reporting Form

Gather all required reports with target questions thanks to the Illegal Fireworks Reporting Form. All can be achieved without coding!

Fire Rescue Aerosolized Procedure Report Form

Used when Fire Rescue crews use an aerosolized procedure on patients. This is a two part form. The first part is for the Lead Medic or Battalion Chief to fill out. There is a separate hidden section which gets emailed to the EMS Chief. They then edit the hidden section for their own updated information.

Fire Modification Cert

This is a report form for the fire modifications.

Coronavirus Case Report Template

People can report suspected cases of COVID-19 in their workplace or community. Easy to customize, integrate, and share online. No coding required.

Negative COVID 19 Test Reporting Form

Receive submissions for COVID-19 test reports from your staff for your company or organization online. Use this Negative COVID-19 Test Reporting Form template and make your receiving process simple and manageable.

Covid Contact Tracing Form Template

A COVID-19 contact tracing register is used by medical organizations to identify people who have come into contact with a person who is infected with COVID-19, to help prevent the disease from spreading.

Self Certification Of Vaccination Status

Collect COVID-19 vaccination status forms securely on any device. Ideal for employers meeting Santa Clara County requirements. Convert to official PDFs automatically.

Covid 19 Acknowledgement

A Covid-19 Acknowledgement is used by medical professionals to acknowledge patients that have consented to the Covid-19 vaccine. This Covid-19 Acknowledgement form can be customized to fit your medical practice’s branding.

COVID 19 Test Result Reporting Form

Collect COVID-19 test results from employees, students, customers, and more. Accept file uploads. Free and easy to customize. Works on any device. No coding.

COVID 19 Lab Report Form

Improve the workflow of your hospital or clinic by using this COVID-19 Lab Report Form wherein it can be filled out and submit it in real-time. This form is accessible on any device including tablets and mobile phones.

Passenger Self Reporting Form

Passengers can report COVID-19 symptoms through this free online form. Great for travel agencies, airports, and airlines. Easy to customize. No coding.

COVID 19 Symptoms Self Report Form

A COVID-19 symptoms self-report form is a form used by medical offices to collect information from patients about their symptoms or complaints.

COVID 19 Helpline Report

A report form that collects the patient information, contact details, their compliment, suggested treatment prepared after the COVID-19 pandemic.