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Application Form - Gaming Sponsorship Application

Application Form - Gaming Sponsorship Application

Sponsorship from Royal Funding Form Preview
  • Sponsor Application Form

    Application Deadline - September 20, 2014
  • This competitive gaming sponsorship is only reserved for the PS4 & Xbox One consoles. The sponsorship funds can be up to $400 available. All applications will be reviewed on Sep, 21 2014 and an applicant will be selected for the sponsorship. We currently only accepting one team to sponsor. We are looking forward working towards your team goals and needs.
  • **INSTRUCTIONS" Save this as a template then save it to your files. Once application is done email it to us at Royal-Funding@hotmail.com
  • I. Personal Data:

    Tell us about your self
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  • II. Team Essay

  • Your essay should be 300-500 words. You should address in your essay: your team goals and what you intend to do with your sponsorship funds, and why a sponsorship is important to you. Include any team accomplishments, or experiences that make you uniquely worthy of sponsorship consideration.
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  • III. Applicant's E-Signature

  • By signing (typing your legal name) in the space below, you are certifying that all information is correct and that you are the person completing this application. When you press the submit button, you will receive an email confirmation that your application was received. Please print for your records and retain as verification of your application.
  •   (Royal Funding) is committed to equal opportunity in sponsorships. "RF" does not discriminate in any program or activity on the basis of race, color, religion, gender, age, national origin, disability, marital status, or any other protected class. For further questions Email us at: Royal-Funding@hotmail.com
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