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Flight Reservation Form

Gather passenger information with an online Flight Reservation Form. Free to customize and embed in your website. Great for airlines or travel agencies.

Reservation Forms

Vacation Itinerary Form

This Vacation Itinerary form is normally utilized by travel agencies or person who just wants to travel and would like to have a detailed itinerary form. This vacation itinerary form will be a great help for those who are planning for a trip or travel agencies looking for a standard template they can use when organizing a trip for their clients. The form will need information such as destination, duration of stay, arrival time, mode of transport and cost.

Travel Booking Forms

Online Booking Form

A comprehensive form that can be used for online booking reservations, transportation planning, tours, pickups; with widgets that allow collecting any information, location services, date-time selection, suggestion areas and more.

Transportation Request Forms

Hotel Reservation Form

An online hotel reservation form is used to track bookings and manage reservations through a hotel’s website.

Hotel Booking Forms

Booking For Bed And Breakfast Form

A simple Bed and Breakfast Booking Form template for your clients to make a room reservation. You can gather all necessary information like name, phone number, email, number of people and date details and send auto-respond emails.

Hotel Booking Forms

Travel Agency Booking Form Template

A travel agency booking form is a service reservation form used by travel agencies to book hotels, flights, or cruise packages. It is a useful tool to improve your hotel or airline booking services. Take your services to the next level!

Travel Agent Forms

Travel Information Form

Collect travel requests online with a free Travel Information Form. Great for travel agencies. Easy to customize, embed, and share with your clients.

Travel Booking Forms

Travel Registration Form

A Travel Registration Form is a form template designed to collect the registration and travel preferences of clients.

Travel Booking Forms

Travel Interest Survey

An online travel interest survey can be used by travel agents or travel agencies to gather information about the interests, experience, and past travel of a potential client. Stay ahead of the competition with Jotform!

Travel Agent Forms

Passenger Information Form

A Passenger Information Form is a form template designed to gather passengers' personal and contact information for travel agents and tour companies.

Travel Booking Forms

Disney World Planning And Booking Cheatsheet

Disney World Planning and Booking Cheatsheet is an agent-facing form to help agents keep track of their Disney World client details. Save time, and be more efficient with Jotform!

Travel Agent Forms

Travel Contact Form

A travel contact form is used to collect travel information about an individual or group, including hotel and flight preferences, travel arrangements, and home addresses. No coding is required to customize it!

Contact Forms

Travel Insurance Waiver

A travel insurance waiver is a document used by travelers to waive the coverage of their travel insurance plan. Use our free Travel Insurance Waiver template!

Travel Agent Forms

Traveling Preferences Survey

A traveling preferences survey is a questionnaire used by travel companies and agencies to collect information about potential clients.

Survey Templates

[Travel Agency Template] Cruise Packing List Generator

Cruise packing list generator A packing list for a cruise is used to organize the things needed to go on a cruise. Help cruise guests get organized, so they can focus on enjoying the cruise!

Travel Agent Forms

Travel Agent Booking Form

This Travel Agent Booking Form is specific for Travel Agencies. By using this form, you can confirm your booking details of your clients.

Travel Booking Forms

Travel Agent Survey

This Travel Agent Survey is to understand the challenges that travel agencies faced during the COVID-19 pandemic, and how they were affected. Customize, embed and share.

Survey Templates

About Travel Agent Forms

Looking for a better way to collect information for your travel agency? Whether you’re receiving online bookings, creating vacation itineraries, or gathering important details from your clients, Jotform lets you create custom online Travel Agent Forms to get data from any device. Choose a template below to make your own with our drag-and-drop builder — then add your company logo and branding, customize form fields, and embed the form in your website or share it directly using a link. You can even convert form submissions into PDF documents automatically with Jotform PDF Editor! Speed up your trip planning process with free Travel Agent Forms from Jotform.