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Course Evaluation Form

Course Evaluation Form

This form is used to evaluate course and instructors. Great form for educational purposes. Form Preview
  • Course Evaluation Form

  • Course Information

  •  -  - Pick a Date

  • Course and Instructor Evaluation

  •   Excellent Very Good Good Fair Poor Very Poor
    The course as a whole was:
    The course content was:
    The instructor's contribution to the course was:
    The instructor's effectiveness in teaching the subject matter was:
    Course Organization was:
    Clarity of instructor's voice was:
    Explanations by instructor were:
    Instructor's use of examples and illustrations was:
    Quality of questions or problems raised by the instructor was:
    Student's confidence in instructor's knowledge was:
    Instructor's enthusiasm was:
    Encouragement givin students to express themselves was:
    Answers to student questions were:
    Availability of extra help when needed was:
    Use of class time was:
    Instructor's interest in student's progress was:
    Amount you learned was:
    Relavence of course content was:
    Grading techniques were:
    Reasonableness of assigned work was:
    Clarity of student requirements was:
    Intellectual chalange was:

  • Student Participation

  • Should be Empty: