Summer Camp Consent Forms

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Summer Camp Waiver Form

A summer camp waiver is a document that parents sign to allow their child to attend a summer camp. With our Summer Camp Activity Form Template, you’ll be roasting marshmallows with your campers in no time!

Summer Camp Consent Forms

Summer Camp Permission Form

This summer camp permission slip template is a permission or consent form for students or person who are going to camping or outing with classmates, friends and etc. This parental consent form for youth camp is usually given to parents or guardians to be signed by them. This camp consent form template contains parents' contact information, emergency contact information.

Summer Camp Consent Forms

Camp Liability Waiver Form

A camp liability waiver form is a document that parents sign to cover the camp’s liability in case something happens to their child during summer camp.

Summer Camp Consent Forms

Sports Training Liability Waiver

A liability waiver is a contract signed by a member of a sports team or a coach, which relieves a sports facility from liability if a sports injury occurs on their premises. No coding!

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Summer Camp Consent Form

Summer Camp Consent forms are necessary for camps to secure consent from the parents of their campers for any problems that might arise during the camper's stay in the camp. This helps the Camp understand the issues that a child may currently be having, such as medical conditions and other similar matters. It also helps the Camp to secure consent from the parents to immediately address the problem and take the necessary measures in case a problem happens during the program. This Summer Camp Consent Form allows contains the necessary information for the camp to secure consent from the parents of the camper as well as to know the medical information needed by the camp to know more about the child. As an online form, it is easier for the camp to organize records and make quick searches, rather than scanning through all paper records or physical documents.

Summer Camp Consent Forms

Summer Camp Parental Release / Medical Information / Code Of Conduct

Summer camp parental release gathers general information of the student, their medical information and health history with the consent of the parents to all the terms and conditions which is listed in detail within the form.

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Summer Camp Parental Consent Form

The Summer Camp Parental Consent Form is a must-have for summer camp organizations. This user-friendly form template allows to collect important information about campers, including medical conditions and emergency contact details.

Summer Camp Consent Forms

Virtual Summer Camp Registration Form

Let the parents or guardians enroll their child/children in summer camps by completing this Virtual Summer Camp Registration Form. This form can be embedded on any website or opened via the direct link.

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Health And Consent Form For Summer Camp

Secure your next camp activity preparing your staff. Know your campers' health issues and get consent from their parents for immediate treatment. Copy this Health And Consent Form for Summer Camp to your Jotform account and start receiving your health and consent from the campers' parents for your next summer camp!

Summer Camp Consent Forms

Skate School Consent Form

A skate school consent form is an information dissemination and consent acquisition form used by skate schools. This may also be a form of advisory where the details of the form informs students or participants on what rules and regulations they should abide with.

Summer Camp Consent Forms

Fresno Grizzlies Baseball Camp

Registration and waiver for the 2020 baseball camp.

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Girl Scout Product Permission Form

A Girl Scout product permission form is used by Girl Scout troops to raise money by selling products crafted by the troops

Summer Camp Consent Forms

About Summer Camp Consent Forms

Summer consent forms, waivers, and permission slips are all necessary to guarantee that a camper has permission to participate in various camp activities. Summer camp managers and staff can use our free Summer Camp Consent Forms to easily gather camper information and signatures online. Just select one of the free templates below to get started! All you have to do is customize the form for your summer camp, publish it online, and watch submissions fill up your secure Jotform account — without any coding.

Customizing your form is a summer breeze with our drag-and-drop Form Builder. Once you’ve selected a Summer Camp Consent Form, you can easily add form fields, change the template fonts and colors, upload your camp logo, and more! Feel free to add e-signature form fields to capture electronic signatures or file upload fields to accept doctors’ notes. You can even integrate with your favorite payment process to accept fees online. With our Summer Camp Consent Forms ready to go, you can send your worries on vacation and focus on making this summer the best (and safest) one yet!