Employee Enrollment Forms

6 Templates

Coaching Application Form

A coaching application form is a checklist for potential coaches to complete in order to become an assistant coach

Application Forms

Independent Contractor Information Form

An Independent Contractor Information Form is a form template designed to collect essential details about independent contractors, including their contact information, tax identification, and payment terms.

Informed Consent Forms

Temporary Employee Payroll Form

A temporary employee payroll form is a document that gathers the information used to pay a temporary employee, such as their tax information and wages. Collect information from new hires in seconds!

Employee Enrollment Forms

About Employee Enrollment Forms

An employee enrollment form is used to gather data from new employees during the onboarding process. These readymade form templates make it easy for employees to enter their personal and contact information, select their payroll information, enroll themselves in the company’s vision, dental, and health insurance plans, contribute to their retirement plan, and more. No more paperwork — submissions are instantly compiled and synced to your secure Jotform account, where you can search, sort, and filter through all your employees’ records from one convenient location.

Make these form templates your own with just a few clicks using Jotform’s no-code app builder. Simply drag and drop to add or change enrollment fields, install integrations and widgets, include an e-signature form, and even upload your company’s branding. Sharing your enrollment form with new employees is just as easy: send an email invite, embed it in your website, or include a link to the form in an onboarding email. Employees can then fill it out on any device, be it a smartphone, tablet, or desktop. Make onboarding a smooth and friendly experience with our fully-customizable Employee Enrollment Forms.