Hotel Booking Form  for foreign or tourists

Hotel Booking Form for foreign or tourists

Form used by foreign tourists to get immediate accommodation when visiting a foreign country. Helpful online form template. Form Preview
  • Information for Immigration and Borders Service (SEF) 

    This information is required to all foreign citizens, whether they are from Member States of the European Union or Third Country Nationals. This obligation falls on companies exploiting hotel establishments, complementary means of tourist accommodation and tourist complexes, as well as on those which provide, for consideration, the accommodation to foreigner’s citizens. The communication must be made within three days to the Immigration and Borders Service (SEF) or in places where it does not exist, the National Republican Guard or to the Public Security Police.
  • Accommodation Bulletin

    Since 2015 Portugal has more strictly enforced a long-standing law requiring anyone providing paid holiday accommodation to record the entry, exit, and identification details of all non-Portuguese nationals who use that accommodation. Your answers will be forward to the national Immigration and Borders Service.
    For more information, please see here:

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  • Important: We need information of all guests who will be with you in the apartment. So... let's start with your information...

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