Time Off Request Forms

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Leave Request Form

The template allows getting instant leave requests from employees with all relevant information that is needed. You can add more customized fields with Jotform.

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Time Off Request Form

The Time Off Request Form allows to track employee time off requests on a daily basis, where employees enter their contact information, start and end date of their leave, time interval information and further comments if any.

Time Off Request Forms

Leave Application Form

Here is a simple solution to manage time-off requests where your employees can provide their name, department, contact information, type of leave, leave dates, travel details through a simple leave application form.

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PTO Request Form

A paid time off (PTO) request form template is a type of document that employees send to their managers to request time off of work.

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Leave Petition Form

The company can use this form for the employees to fill for leave.

Leave of Absence Forms

Vacation Request Form

Use this sample vacation request form template, start to collect the necessary information from your employees and track the vacation schedules in order to distribute the duties easily.

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Vacation Time Off Request Form

Request to take leave or Off from work. With the radio button (list of reason) and a text box where you input how many hours you requested.

Request Forms

Day Off Request Form

Easily collect and manage day off requests online. Great for managers or HR professionals. Receive requests and signatures from any device. Customize without coding.

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Days Off Request Form

A days off request form is used by employees to request an upcoming time off from employers.

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Missed Clock Out Form

A missed clock out form is used by employers to track incentives or deductions due to employees who have not clocked out. With this template, you are now able to have an electronic way to do this. No coding!

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Temporary Duty Request Form

A temporary duty request form is a document used by military and defense personnel to report temporary duty assignments and duty location changes. No coding!

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About Time Off Request Forms

Eliminate messy paperwork and streamline your workflow with one of Jotform’s Time Off Request Forms. Employees can request paid time off or sick days at the touch of a button, letting you view all time off requests on any device. Use our Form Builder to customize our free templates — you can even add your logo for a personal touch. Why not integrate with Google Sheets to see all submissions in a spreadsheet? By knowing when your employees are off, you can better plan for their absences — so save time and get organized with Jotform’s Time Off Request Form Templates.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is a time-off request form?

Online time-off request forms allow employees to submit their requests to take time off of work electronically. These forms consolidate all the necessary information for human resources (HR) to approve or deny a time-off request onto one form, eliminating the need for back-and-forth communication.

Electronic time-off request forms offer employees and HR a quick and easy way to streamline the PTO process while still tracking each request. These forms allow employees to submit requests easily, accurately, and in a timely manner, and they open up communication between HR, management, and employees.

2) Why do employees need to use a time-off request form?

Employees use time-off request forms to create an official record of their requests. When employees take time off, it often impacts their teammates as well as timelines and workflows. Giving employees the ability to submit a formal request helps HR track requests and update payroll, scheduling, and resource allocation information accordingly.

These forms also eliminate word-of-mouth agreements that lead to misunderstandings or miscommunication by formalizing and documenting each request. Having a trackable form helps HR calculate the remaining time off an employee has — keeping both employees and managers informed and accountable.

3) What are the key components of a time-off request form?

Every time-off request form requires some key components to ensure accuracy and consistency. Most time-off request forms include the following fields:

  • Employee name
  • Employee contact information (e.g., email, phone number)
  • Requested days/hours off
  • Total number of hours off requested
  • Reason for request
  • Request type (e.g., PTO, sick time, jury duty, etc.)
  • Approval/denial date
  • Approval/denial checkboxes
  • Signature box

The main purpose of time-off requests is to keep track of how many work hours an employee will be off work. However, including these key details also allows HR and management to make informed decisions on whether to approve such a request.

4) Who should use a time-off request form?

Time-off request forms are useful for anyone working for a business or organization and needs time away from work. These forms apply to any time-off request, regardless of the individual’s position. Even the CEO of a company should submit an official time-off request for tracking and scheduling purposes.

In a business, the key users of these forms include

  • Employees who are requesting time off
  • Managers who need to approve the requests
  • HR team members

These categories will overlap if an HR employee or manager requests time off. Essentially, anyone who needs time off should use one of these request forms.

5) What types of information should employees include in a time-off request form?

Filling out all the required information on your time-off request form is crucial for ensuring your manager and HR department have an accurate understanding of your time off. But the most important information revolves around the exact details of your leave, specifically

  • How long you plan to be gone (days, hours, etc.)
  • What type of time-off request you’re submitting
  • Why you need the time off
  • Your employee information, potentially including your department and your manager’s name

This information will alert HR and your manager(s) to the urgency of your request and the exact details of your absence. This allows your team to adjust schedules, resources, and workflows to accommodate your time off.

6) How do you respectfully request time off?

Respectfully asking for time off involves considering the impact of your absence on your team. Be sure to do the following to ensure your time-off request doesn’t create any frustration:

  • Check your company calendar to ensure you’re not leaving your team without the help they need. Consider providing a plan for how you’ll set your team up for success before you leave or provide reassurance that everything will be taken care of, preventing any disruption of workflows.
  • Ask, don’t tell. Don’t seem forceful in your request. You’re asking others to accommodate your schedule, so be considerate of how it will impact them.
  • Ask early, not last minute. Loop your manager in earlier to make sure your request doesn’t catch them off guard. The more lead time you give your team, the more likely your manager will accept your request.
  • Make sure your request aligns with your company’s time-off policy. Ensure you have enough available PTO, rather than asking to borrow time.

Taking these points into consideration will set you up for success and ensure others will view your request as respectful and reasonable.