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A service evaluation form is used by customers to rate their overall satisfaction. Whether you run a hotel, cleaning service, dental clinic, or summer camp, Jotform’s free and fully customizable Service Evaluation Forms are a great way to gather feedback so that you can improve your business or the services you provide. Customers can fill out satisfaction checklists and leave detailed comments either anonymously or by including their contact information. Submissions are instantly synced and stored in your secure Jotform account, so you can see everything from a glance.

Customize any of our form templates in seconds with Jotform’s no-code form builder. Simply drag and drop to add or edit form elements and text fields, choose different fonts and color schemes, upload your own branding, install dozens of different widgets and integrations, and more. Share your custom form with customers by embedding it in your website or including a link in a follow-up email or text message. Customers can then open and fill out your form from any device. Get a feel for what your customers think of your business with these free Service Evaluation Forms from Jotform.

Janitorial Services Performance Evaluation

If you are running Janitorial Services and would like your customers to evaluate your work, then this janitorial services evaluation form is for you. You can get your customers contact information along with their evaluations on many different categories by using this janitorial performance evaluation form. You can also customize this sample janitorial evaluation according to your business! Use this form and start getting performance evaluation for janitors today!

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Pharmacy Service Satisfaction Survey

Are they satisfied with your service? Want to find out? Make use of our template to help yourself up!

Customer Service Forms

Hotel Evaluation Form

A hotel evaluation form is used by clients to review their hotel stay and provide feedback. This form is a valuable tool for your business. Get this form today and start improving your hotel business.

Customer Service Forms

Maintenance Request Form

A maintenance request form is used by both property owners and building managers to identify maintenance issues and submit service requests. Easy to use. No coding.

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Service Evaluation Form

This is a simple evaluation form about a service e.g. petronomics. You can get feedback from your customers using this service evaluation form after the training so you can see what fields need an improvement. This service evaluation form template contains name, company, course title, telephone, email, facilitator name, knowledge of subject matter. You can ask some questions to your customers. For example, "What suggestions do you recommend for improving the program?", "Would you recommend this course to your colleagues?".

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Security Service Evaluation Form

Security Service evaluation form that provides you with the customer details and their overall satisfaction and comments regarding your services

Customer Service Forms

Technician Evaluation Form

A technician evaluation form is a form that is used to provide feedback about the performance and service of a technician and is often used as part of a training and development process.

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Non Conformance Form

Useful for Quality and Technical support. It helps them do the job online and submit feedback promptly to management.

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Service Satisfaction Survey

Did you travel with confidence? Tell us about it! Survey form useful for the travel industry.

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Equipment Evaluation Form

An equipment evaluation form is used to evaluate the performance of equipment for the given purpose it was intended. No coding!

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Dental Clinic Evaluation Survey

A form that is used to evaluate the services provided by a mobile dental clinic. It gathers all the necessary information needed to know where and what will be needed to improve, to be able to give better services in the future.

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Vehicle Valuation Form

A vehicle valuation form is a form that is used by insurance companies to determine the worth of a damaged vehicle which is not going to be salvaged.

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Summer Camp Staff Evaluation Form

A summer camp staff evaluation form is used by camp counselors to evaluate the performance of their campers.

Summer Camps

HGCF Official Outside Agency Evaluation Form

Referral Source & Collaborative Agency Evaluations

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Work Order Close Out Form

A work order close out form is used to document the completion of a contracted job and summarize the hours worked, materials used, and the total cost of the job.

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