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An exit interview is conducted when an employee is leaving a company, and used both to gather employee feedback and inform an employee of their rights. Choose a customizable Exit Interview Template to conduct exit interviews online, eliminate paperwork, and save time on manual tasks. With Jotform’s Exit Interview Templates, you’ll be able to quickly collect employee feedback, submit it to your online account, and review all information on any device! Just choose an exit interview form, questionnaire, or checklist to get started.

Need to add extra questions to your Exit Interview Template? Use our drag-and-drop Form Builder to customize questions to match the role, add your company’s logo, or change fonts and colors for a unique look. Choose from 130+ integrations and hundreds of helpful widgets to make your form work best for you. Once your HR department has met with the departing employee to collect feedback, both parties can sign the form with an e-signature and securely submit it to your Jotform account. From there, you can easily manage and view exit interviews online! Seamlessly compile employee grievances and identify ways to improve your company culture with our free, online Exit Interview Templates.

Exit Interview Form

HR departments can use this free Exit Interview Form to conduct exit interviews online. Customize the form and share via email to quickly collect employee feedback.

Exit Interview Templates

Exit Interview Questionnaire Form

Customize our free survey for your HR department’s exit interviews. Get feedback from outgoing employees online and learn how to improve your company.

Exit Interview Templates

Employee Exit Interview

Gather feedback online from outgoing employees to ensure a smoother resignation transition and improve your company. Easy to customize and embed.

Exit Interview Templates

Exit Interview Checklist

Speed up your exit interviews with a free Exit Interview Checklist. Easy to customize and share with employees. Gather feedback to improve your company!

Exit Interview Templates

Online Exit Interview Form

Seamlessly gather employee feedback with this free online Exit Interview. Customize the form in seconds and use the results to improve your company.

Exit Interview Templates

PB Exit Feedback Form

The purpose of this questionnaire is to help the company determine the reasons for employee turnover. There are three parts to this form, the first - an element evaluation, the second - simple questions, the third - essay questions.

Exit Interview Templates

Student Withdrawal Form

A student withdrawal form prepared to gather feedback from parents regarding the reasons behind their decision and on how to improve their systems.

Feedback Forms

Release Of Information Template

Release of info: Made for an LLC but flexible for. A Nonprofit’s use

Coronavirus Response Forms

Loan Exit Interview

Use our free Loan Exit Interview Form to summarize loan details, update contact info, and choose a repayment option. Customize your template in seconds!

Exit Interview Templates

Student Loan Exit Interview

A Student Loan Exit Interview form is used to ensure the borrower fully understands and accepts the loan agreement before leaving the school. This will also help the student borrowers in preparing a payment arrangement. This form should be used for student borrowers who are about the graduate or leave the school. This well-designed Student Loan Exit Interview form template contains form fields about the student, school details like graduation date, personal references, employer details, reminders, and a signature field. This form template is using the E-Signature widget to capture a signature digitally. The personal references section is using the Input Table to gather the information in a table format which shows the name, phone number, address, and relationship to the student. Using the Form Builder, you can further customize this form template to your preferred color theme, font format, and form layout. You can also insert additional instructions or reminders by using the Text field in the Form Builder.

Human Resources Forms

Veteran Exit Survey

This form should be accessible via a link that is emailed to veterans who are leaving the Meals for Vets program.

Exit Interview Templates

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