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Confidential Morbidity Report Form

A Confidential Morbidity Report Form is a record created to log the data elements that are collected during the course of the physician’s visit.

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Chapel Absence Permission Form

A chapel absence form is a written agreement between a student and the school that grants the student permission to miss religious services related to campus. Just customize the questions and use the powerful Jotform Product.

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Social Club Health Screening Form

Protect the members of the organization and continue with their activities by letting the members and visitors complete this Social Club Health Screening Form. This form can be accessed on any device including mobile phones.

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Nurse Shift Report Template

A nurse shift report template is a spreadsheet or template that is used by nurses to log their work information.

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Cardiology Consultation Form

A cardiology consultation form contains a list of questions and answers, and is used by doctors to make a diagnosis and discuss treatment options with their patients. Use our free Form Builder to customize the form to fit your practice.

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First Day Of School Questionnaire

A first day of school questionnaire is used by teachers to get information from students about their previous years of schooling, their interests, and their family background.Use our free Form Builder to add more questions or make the form look more like the other forms you use.

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Commencement Program Enrollment Form

A commencement program enrollment form is a document used to record information about a commencement program.

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Patient Safety Check Form

Protect the patient and the health institution by making the patient fill out this Patient Safety Check Form before the appointment. This form can be added to any webpage or be opened using the direct link.

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Outpatient Psychiatric Progress Note Template

An outpatient psychiatric progress note is a patient medical record created by a physician to aid in the diagnosis and treatment of mental illnesses at a medical practice.

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Anonymous Complaint Form

An anonymous complaint form is a tool for organizations and businesses to receive customer feedback without divulging the identity of the writer. Stay organized, protect your company, and receive information with a free Anonymous Complaint Form.

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Coronavirus Business Reopening Survey

Determine the current status of the local businesses and identify if they can reopen during this pandemic by using this Coronavirus Business Reopening Survey. This form will help you identify if there are local businesses that need help from the government to reopen.

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Campaign Details Form

A campaign details form is a questionnaire used by charity organizations to collect financial information from potential donors. Use this template to customize without coding!

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Tip Jar Get On The List Form

Collect contact details of people looking to receive tips online with a Tip Jar Get On The List Form. Great for charities supporting employees of the service industry.

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COVID-19 Vaccine Notification Sign-Up Form

No need to spend hours or days creating your form from scratch to get it going for collecting notification sign-up forms for COVID-19 vaccine. Get this COVID-19 Vaccine Notification Sign-Up Form template to your Jotform account and use it right away.

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Covid-19 Hazard Assessment Checklist

Protect the workplace and have a safe environment by letting your employees or members complete this Covid-19 Hazard Assessment Checklist. This form can be embedded on any webpage or be opened using the direct link.

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Health Screening Agreement

Initialize your organization's need for health screening as well as simplify the process of receiving health screening agreements. Use this Health Screening Agreement form template to your Jotform account and see how it is easy to manage to gather health screening agreements.

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Intention of Returning to Campus Form

Collect your students' interest and analyze more of your school community's intention weighing on remote learning or face-to-face learning. Get this Intention of Returning to Campus Form template here in JotForm.

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FERPA Notice Form

Allow the student to provide consent if they want their records and data to be viewed for different purposes by having them fill out this FERPA Notice Form. This form can be opened on any laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

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COVID-19 School Safety Protocol Complaint Form

Receive complaints against the school by having them COVID-19 School Safety Protocol Complaint Form. This form template can be embedded on any webpage via script code, iFrame method, or pop-up method.

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Airport Drop Off Request Form 

An airport drop off request form is an online form that a passenger fills out to ask staff at an airport to drop them off at a specific location after they have landed.

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Agent Feedback Form

Evaluate your real estate agents by asking their customers how satisfied they were with the service they received. No coding.

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Mental Health Therapy Notes Template

A Mental Health Therapy Notes form is a record of mental health therapy for physicians or mental health counselors.

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COVID-19 Vaccine Information and Consent Form

Have your information and consent form in minutes for the COVID-19 vaccine. Copy this COVID-19 Vaccine Information and Consent Form template and start collecting consent right away.

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COVID-19 Vaccine HR Survey

Identify the number of employees who want to get the vaccine by conducting a survey using this COVID-19 Vaccine HR Survey. This form template can be opened on any device that has a browser.

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