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Gentrification Survey

Gentrification Survey

School Surveys

DevOps Phase Details Form

A DevOps Phase Details Form enables you to streamline team rituals and tools to better manage resources each quarter. Use this free DevOps Phase Details Form template on your website to collect information.

Business Forms

Learning Model Selection Form

The Learning Model Selection Form is a questionnaire used by schools that allows teachers to find out how students will attend the next education term classes.


Respiratory Infection Screening Form

A respiratory infection screening form is used by medical professionals to screen for respiratory infections in patients. Customize this template without coding features!

Health Tracking Forms

Covid-19 Related Complaint Form

A Covid-19 Related Complaint Form is used to collect individual complaints in case of a related Covid-19 incident or issue.

Feedback Forms

COVID-19 Campus Visit Screening Form

Screen the visitors going in and out of the campus by having them sign this COVID-19 Campus Visit Screening Form. This form can be accessed on any mobile device like tablets and smartphones.

Coronavirus Response Forms

Spring Break Survey

Collect important data about the number of people who will travel in order to enjoy the spring break even if there's a pandemic by having them complete this Spring Break Survey. This template can easily be customized using our Form Builder.

Survey Templates

COVID-19 Viewer Survey

Gather feedback and opinions of the community on how they view this COVID-19 pandemic by having them complete this COVID-19 Viewer Survey. This form can be embedded on any webpage via the available publishing methods.

Medical Surveys & Questionnaires

Student Daily Wellness Assessment Form

Monitor and check each student in the university or school on a daily basis by having them complete this Student Daily Wellness Assessment Form. This form template is easily accessible on mobile phones which is readily available for all students.

Education Forms

Employee Report Of Tip Form

An employee report of tip form is a report used by employers to record tips received by employees. Whether you own a restaurant or a bar, implement a secure online Employee Report of Tip Form to keep your employees honest.

Business Forms

School Model Survey

Capture the preferences of the parent or guardian on what type of learning method should be implemented by the school by using this School Model Survey. This form template can be added easily to any webpage.

Education Forms

Medical Withdrawal Form

Allow the individual to request for a withdrawal due to medical illness or injury by using this Medical Withdrawal Form. This form template can be embedded on any webpage or can be accessed using the direct link.

Medical Application Forms

Medicines Fridge Check Form

Make sure the fridge is at the correct temperature by monitoring it daily and by using this Medicines Fridge Check Form. This form is short and simple but it contains all necessary information for daily monitoring of the fridge temperature.

Healthcare Forms

Pros and Cons Log Form

Weigh the pros and cons with JotForm. Free log form template. View entries in spreadsheet-database. Easy to customize. Works on any device. No coding.

Information Request Forms

Farm Emergency Contact Form

The Farm Emergency Contact Form allows farmers to create a list of emergency contacts to be used in the case of an emergency. With Jotform, try this template now!

Farmer Forms

Return to Training Consent

A return to training consent is a form agreement used by the training facility with the individual in training. This consent form outlines the rules and guidelines for the participants to follow when they return to training and start using again the facilities of the form owner.

Sports Forms

Dorm Checklist

A dorm checklist is a list of items students must bring to college. Use this free Dorm Checklist template to build a list of necessities students must have for their dorm room. Simply customize without coding features.

Education Forms

COVID-19 Vaccination Provider Pre-registration Survey

Collect survey responses from COVID-19 vaccination providers. Analyze data to ensure a smooth vaccine rollout. Easy-to-customize form. Share or embed in seconds.

Coronavirus Response Forms

Release Task Form

A release task form is used for assigning and tracking tasks to be completed in a project, ensuring successful completion of the project on time and within budget.

Business Forms

College Move In Checklist

A College Move In Checklist is used by parents to make sure that their student has everything they need for their dorm room. Customize without coding!

Education Forms

Gender Survey

A Gender Survey is a free web survey that allows users to rate their gender identity, gender expression, and gender role. Customize this survey according to your needs without coding!

Survey Templates

COVID-19 Amenity Waiver

Protect yourself and your company from any liability from COVID-19 due to usage of amenities. Use this COVID-19 Amenity Waiver Template to your Jotform account.

Coronavirus Response Forms

Form 843 - Tax Abatement Form

Claim tax refund or abatements. Free tax form template. Easy to fill on any device. Saves submissions as PDFs. Download and share in one click. No coding.

Tax Forms

Student Clubs Survey

A Student Clubs Survey is a type of questionnaire that is used by teachers to gather information about the purpose, activities, and current condition of clubs in a school.

Education Forms