Form Templates by gori-mathew

Kilograms to Pounds Conversion Form

A Kgs to Lbs or Lbs to Kgs conversion form

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Conversion From Kgs to Common Mass/Weight

An easy way to convert Kgs to any other units of weight i.e grams, cg, mg, Tons, metric tons, lbs e.t.c

Calculation Forms

Health Fair Project Group Proposal

A proposal feedback form that is very detailed for students, examination

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Trapezium Area Calculator

Need to perform calculation? This form allows you to automatically calculate a trapezium area, only by inserting sides and height values.

Calculation Forms

Social writer Application Form

It is great tool for receiving social write ups from journalists with specialists in this area.

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Lodging Reservation Form

It is great tool that is used for police force or any other disciplined forces to book for lodging when attending or visiting foreign camps. It captures all their personal and professional details.

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Auction Item Registration Form

Get your customers to register the item they wish to auction quickly using this simple form template

Registration Forms

Key Night Drop Envelope Form

It is great tool used to capture the service required by night drop clients on their vehicles. It also ensures consent is obtained in case of any damage.

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Private Childbirth Class registration Form

A simple Private childbirth class registration form

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Launch Registration

An online registration form to get an estimate of participants for a grand launch.

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Basic Email Support Form

A form that can be used to report any challenge faced by email users to the support and maintenance services firm.

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Organizational Award Application Form

It is great tool that captures all areas that needs to be looked at in deciding who takes the award. It looks at how the staffs are treated, working environments and how they relate to their respective suppliers and other related subsidiaries.

Application Forms

Prospective Job Application Form

Collect applications from prospective applicants intending to join your company with this simple yet effective job application form.

Employment Forms

Menu Compliance Audit Form

Menu compliance audit form template specifically tailored for schools and other similar institutions


Class Cancellation Form

The Class Cancellation Form is used by teachers to cancel or reschedule classes due to unforeseen circumstances. No coding!

Education Forms

Hostel Reservation Form

It is great for that is used to reserve for room and actually giving required room makeups.

Reservation Forms

Materials Reorder Form

You can use Materials Reorder Form to collect a few details about the customer, the additional materials they need and different levels of exam booklets. You can further customize the template in case you won't be needing some of the fields.

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Triangle Area Calculator

With this simple and effective form insert the height and the base of the triangle and get the area.

Calculation Forms

Camp Registration Form

It is great form for camp registration, it captures background details of attendees

Event Registration Forms

Quick Contact Form

Detailed contact form. Allows for contact in various specific ways.

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Gym Survey form

This gym questionnaire template works as a survey. Some common gym survey questions would include their feedback about the overall experience they had with your gym, but with this gym survey, the questions mostly revolve around social media and how your patrons leave their comments. The template will help you understand on which social media platform your clients prefer to leave their feedback and how it will affect their decision on staying with your fitness center.

Survey Templates

Web Design Service Request Form

If you are in the marketing industry that offers various services to your clients including designs, you can use this request for estimate template to offer a point of contact to your clients and provide ways for them to get an estimate for the project they are interested in. This website design estimate form also allows you to offer additional services to your clients where they can multi-select the projects they would like to avail. In this service request templates, your clients can select their budget range for the overall project and provide you the details including custom requests. Your clients can also select to signup for your newsletter which you can also integrate with email services available in our form builder.

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