Email Design Questionnaire form template

Email Design Questionnaire form template

If you are doing email design, this email questionnaire template is the best for you! Use this email form template to capture your customers' requests. Design questionnaire template has questions about your business, the logo of your business and design options. Form Preview
  • Email Design Questionnaire

    Please provide your relevant answers to the following questions. Your answers/comments will help us understand your requirement more clearly.
  • We will need the below information of business/company for which you are looking to design an email.

  • 1.What are the suitable brand/preferable colors for email design? (If possible please enter RGB color codes).

  • 2.Which are the Brand Fonts or Fonts you wish to use in your email design?

  • 3.If you are using any non-standard fonts, it would be great if you can supply us font files.

  • 4.Do you have any reference emails you wish to share with us.

  • Provide URLs below.

  • OR

  • 5.Do you wish to design a responsive email?

    (It’s advisable if more than 15% of your email base is checking their emails from Mobile).

  • 6.Please provide final content that you wish to incorporate within your email.

  • 7.Please provide images that you wish to incorporate within your email.

  • 8.Please provide us any information you feel is important while designing your email.

  • Should be Empty: