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Web Contact Form Template

Customize this Web Contact Form and embed it in your website — for free! Collect feedback and contact info. Sync new leads to CRMs like Salesforce or HubSpot.

Contact Forms

Free Raffle Ticket Number Generator

Need a better way to organize your raffle? Try Jotform’s free raffle ticket number generator template here and simplify your raffle ticket process.

Ticket Order Forms

Vacation Request Form

Use this sample vacation request form template, start to collect the necessary information from your employees and track the vacation schedules in order to distribute the duties easily.

Time Off Request Forms

Camp Evaluation Form

Improve future program planning with our Camp Evaluation Form designed to ask campers and their guardians about their experience. Customize your camp evaluation form using our drag-and-drop form builder.

Summer Camp Surveys

Summer Camp Medical Form

Using this Summer Camp Medical Form, you can gather important medical history details such as health conditions, vaccinations, allergies, and medications. You’ll also be able to collect phone numbers and medical insurance information to use in the event of a medical emergency.

Summer Camp Medical Forms

Food Allergy Form

Embed this free Food Allergy Form template in your website and start collecting food allergy info online. Make your school or summer camp more safe and efficient.

Healthcare Forms

Swim Camp Registration Form

Make a splash with this online registration form for your swim camp. Seamlessly collect swimmer information and registration fees.

Camp Registration Forms

Employee Absence Return To Work Form

This form may be used by a physician in case of an employee's absence from work due to a medical reason. It is completed by physicians to decide when an employee can return to work. This form contains the physician's name, his/her signature and employee's information.

Return to Work Forms

Summer Camp Scholarship Application Form

Give every child the chance to experience summer camp with our free Summer Camp Scholarship Application Form. It lets you collect and organize scholarship applications online, eliminating messy paperwork and improving your workflow. Gather camper and parent information, income details, and reasons for application in an instant — you can even use our drag-and-drop Form Builder to add more form fields or include your camp’s logo and colors! Why not configure your form to automatically send confirmation letters too? By accepting your camp’s scholarship applications online with our Summer Camp Scholarship Application Form, your staff will be able to make faster decisions on how to help campers with their fees. You can spend less time sorting through applications, and more time providing campers with everything they need for a memorable summer camp experience!

Camp Registration Forms

Exit Interview Checklist

Speed up your exit interviews with a free Exit Interview Checklist. Easy to customize and share with employees. Gather feedback to improve your company!

Exit Interview Templates

Wedding Flower Order Form Template

As a florist, you can take your ordering process online with our Wedding Flower Order Form Template! Simply embed the form in your site and start collecting customer contact info, ceremony details, style preferences, and flower choices.

Florist Order Forms

Summer Camp Arrival Form

Arrival forms are crucial in making sure campers get to your campsite safe and sound. With this Camper Arrival Information Form, you can explain your camp’s arrival expectations and gather each camper’s time of arrival, pick-up location, transportation method, and other important check-in details. Customize the form to match your specific camp with our easy-to-use Form Builder. You can rewrite the provided text, include additional information fields, and even create a separate section for departure information. You’ll end up with a professional arrival form that’ll have campers eager to pack their bags.

Summer Camps

Health Insurance Claim Form

Health insurance providers can use our Health Insurance Claim Form to process patient claims online. Stay HIPAA-friendly with our Gold plan!

Healthcare Forms

Campground Reservation Form Template

Do you own or manage a campground? If you’re looking for a way to boost the number of reservations you receive, Jotform’s Campground Reservation Form Template can help! Simply embed the form in your website and guests can easily submit their reservation requests online. Build a form unique to your campground by customizing campsite sizes, amenities, and prices with our drag-and-drop Form Builder. Integrate with a spreadsheet solution like Airtable or Google Sheets to keep track of reservations, or use one of our payment processing apps to collect secure online payments. With our Campground Reservation Form Template helping you efficiently manage reservations, you’ll spend less time organizing paperwork and more time creating a memorable camping experience for your guests.

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Vaccine Consent Form

Collect immunization consent with our Vaccine Consent Form Template! Add your logo and customize the look of this template in just a couple of clicks.

Healthcare Forms

Organ Donation Form

Process organ donation applications online with our free Organ Donation Form. Get HIPAA friendly features to keep patient information safe and secure!

Donation Forms

Camper Physical Examination Form

Summer camp physicals are crucial for ensuring that every camper is healthy enough to participate in activities. Instead of asking parents to print and scan your physical examination PDF, use this online camper physical examination form to quickly and easily collect information about each camper’s physical health, immunization history, and medications.

Summer Camp Medical Forms

Child Vaccine Consent Form

Use this free, mobile-friendly Child Vaccine Consent Form to quickly collect parental consent online before administering childhood vaccines.

Healthcare Forms

Travel Risk Assessment Form

Before helping clients plan their next trip, you’ll need to make sure they’re fit for travel. If you work in the travel industry, our Travel Risk Assessment Form will gather travellers’ medical history online and enable you to quickly decide what medical accommodations to provide.

Healthcare Forms

Camper Special Dietary Needs Form

Collect special dietary requests from campers online with this free camper special dietary needs form. This form asks for a camper’s personal information, emergency contact numbers, and parent signatures. Using conditional logic, this form will only ask about food allergies if a camper confirms having one. Customize your summer camp dietary needs template to include any additional dietary information you need to make the proper accommodations for your campers this summer.

Summer Camp Medical Forms

Sleep Disorder Diagnosis Form

Paper questionnaires? Snooze. Ask patients about their sleeping habits with this online Sleep Disorder Diagnosis Form. Easy to fill out on any mobile device!

Healthcare Forms

Medicare Claim Form Template

A Medicare claim form is a document used by healthcare providers to bill the government insurance program Medicare.

Healthcare Forms

Sexually Transmitted Infection Report Form

Collect patient details and diagnose STI symptoms using our online Sexually Transmitted Infection Form. Store patient data safely and securely.

Healthcare Forms