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Make every moment of summer camp memorable, even the paperwork. With Jotform, you can design professional online forms that’ll get future campers excited for summer before it starts. Whatever form you need — registration forms, camp counselor applications, evaluations — we’ve got you covered, rain or shine, with our selection of ready-made templates. After you’ve modified a template to suit your camp’s specific needs, you’ll be able to collect camper and guardian information, emergency contact numbers, medical history, dietary preferences, and even payments online. Planning the perfect summer has never been easier.

Camper Satisfaction Survey Form

Have you already organized a summer camp and wonder about campers' satisfaction? Don't you have survey questions for campers in mind and searching for summer camp evaluation form templates? Here is a summer camp satisfaction survey that you can use for measuring your campers' satisfaction and learning about their experience in the simplest way. Do not hesitate to add your own survey question and even edit the existing ones for free!

Camp Evaluation Form

Improve future program planning with our Camp Evaluation Form designed to ask campers and their guardians about their experience. Customize your camp evaluation form using our drag-and-drop form builder.

Summer Camp Feedback Form For Parents

Would you like to make sure your campers have a good time on your camp? If so, Summer Camp Feedback Form for Parents is just for you!

Summer Camp Survey Form For Parents

Summer camp is a great way for kids to spend their time at the end of a school year with great quality. Kids, as campers, learn and have fun in an alternative manner, outside the convention of the pillars of a typical educational institution. Summer camp helps children develop skills and independence while participating in activities away from home and in the absence of their parents. Generally, summer camps help the kids develop their social skills, sense of responsibility, affinity with people and nature, among others. However, a success of a summer camp is not but without the trust of the parents who enroll their kids to summer camps. Thus, it is important to know how parents perceive of a certain summer camp in order to know their strengths and weaknesses. This Summer Camp Feedback Form for Parents is a great method for learning how parents who enroll their kids perceive of the summer camp in order for them to know the opinion and evaluation of parents of the camp. This gives an opportunity for the summer camp to improve for the better and helps with the continuity of their business. It also is a great avenue to communicate with the parents of the kids to know how effective is the programs of the summer camp. Thus, this Summer Camp Feedback Form for Parents is an essential tool for those who operate a summer camp.

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Mid Session Summer Camp Evaluation

Gather summer camp attendants' feedback before the end of summer. Customize this free evaluation form to match your camp and start collecting feedback instantly!

Virtual Summer Camp Interest Survey

Assess the number of campers who will join a virtual camp by using this Virtual Summer Camp Interest Survey. This form can be opened on any device including laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

Outdoor Adventure Skills

Scouts Australia Outdoor Adventure Skills participation survey

Summer Camp Participation Survey

Use this Summer Camp Participation Survey in order to know how many campers are going to participate in your summer camp. This form template is fully customizable using our Form Builder.

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Medical Employment Information Form

Here is an Employee Medical History Form that can be used to create an employee medical information database which provides employee contact information along with emergency contact information and medical insurance details.

Summer Camp Medical Form

Using this Summer Camp Medical Form, you can gather important medical history details such as health conditions, vaccinations, allergies, and medications. You’ll also be able to collect phone numbers and medical insurance information to use in the event of a medical emergency.

Summer Camp Parental Release / Medical Information / Code Of Conduct

Summer camp parental release gathers general information of the student, their medical information and health history with the consent of the parents to all the terms and conditions which is listed in detail within the form.

Camper Confidential Information Form

Would you like to organize a camp for kids or teenagers? Would you like to collect information about participants before the organizations? Jotform offers you free Camper Confidential Information Form. Thanks to Camper Confidential Information Form, you can collect the participant's information, family information of the participants for the emergency situations and you can get the information that needs attention for each participant like allergies or diet restrictions. Thus, you can take the necessary precautions in order to provide the best conditions for campers and offer them an unforgettable camping experience. You can modify this form the way you want.

Camper Medical Administration Form

Camper Medical Administration Form

Camper Physical Examination Form

Summer camp physicals are crucial for ensuring that every camper is healthy enough to participate in activities. Instead of asking parents to print and scan your physical examination PDF, use this online camper physical examination form to quickly and easily collect information about each camper’s physical health, immunization history, and medications.

Camper Special Dietary Needs Form

Collect special dietary requests from campers online with this free camper special dietary needs form. This form asks for a camper’s personal information, emergency contact numbers, and parent signatures. Using conditional logic, this form will only ask about food allergies if a camper confirms having one. Customize your summer camp dietary needs template to include any additional dietary information you need to make the proper accommodations for your campers this summer.

Pre Camp Health Screening Form

Secure your campers by making sure that they are not exposed to COVID-19 infection by using the Pre-Camp Health Screening Form for every camper. This form can be opened on any device including tablets and mobile phones.

Day Camp Camper Health Screening Form

Prevent the spread of infection and protect your campers by requiring your participants to complete this Day Camp Camper Health Screening Form. This form can be accessed on any device including desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile devices.

Summer Camp Permission Form

This summer camp permission slip template is a permission or consent form for students or person who are going to camping or outing with classmates, friends and etc. This parental consent form for youth camp is usually given to parents or guardians to be signed by them. This camp consent form template contains parents' contact information, emergency contact information.

Summer Camp Waiver Form

If you are running a summer camp you are probably handing out waivers to your customers. Most likely this is one of the required forms in order for the child to participate in your forms. Jotform offers you the free Summer Camp Waiver Form. You can share this form with your customers online so that they can participate in your summer camp. This form asks information about the camper and parents/guardian of the camper along with editable sections in which you can write your own waiver. This form also includes an editable multiple selection field for the parents/guardian to select which activities their children will participate in.

Sports Training Liability Waiver

A liability waiver is a contract signed by a member of a sports team or a coach, which relieves a sports facility from liability if a sports injury occurs on their premises. No coding!

Camp Liability Waiver Form

A camp liability waiver form is a document that parents sign to cover the camp’s liability in case something happens to their child during summer camp.

Summer Camp Consent Form

Summer Camp Consent forms are necessary for camps to secure consent from the parents of their campers for any problems that might arise during the camper's stay in the camp. This helps the Camp understand the issues that a child may currently be having, such as medical conditions and other similar matters. It also helps the Camp to secure consent from the parents to immediately address the problem and take the necessary measures in case a problem happens during the program. This Summer Camp Consent Form allows contains the necessary information for the camp to secure consent from the parents of the camper as well as to know the medical information needed by the camp to know more about the child. As an online form, it is easier for the camp to organize records and make quick searches, rather than scanning through all paper records or physical documents.

Summer Camp Parental Release / Medical Information / Code Of Conduct

Summer camp parental release gathers general information of the student, their medical information and health history with the consent of the parents to all the terms and conditions which is listed in detail within the form.

Skate School Consent Form

A skate school consent form is an information dissemination and consent acquisition form used by skate schools. This may also be a form of advisory where the details of the form informs students or participants on what rules and regulations they should abide with.

Virtual Summer Camp Registration Form

Let the parents or guardians enroll their child/children in summer camps by completing this Virtual Summer Camp Registration Form. This form can be embedded on any website or opened via the direct link.

Health And Consent Form For Summer Camp

Secure your next camp activity preparing your staff. Know your campers' health issues and get consent from their parents for immediate treatment. Copy this Health And Consent Form for Summer Camp to your Jotform account and start receiving your health and consent from the campers' parents for your next summer camp!

Summer Camp Volunteer Application

Summer camp volunteer application provides you with the applicants' all necessary personal and contact information, skills, educational background, medical history, religious stance, previous experience with their consent.

Camp Staff Expression Of Interest

Here is an expression of interest form for volunteers that are desiring to work at a summer camp as staff members.

Camp Staff Application Form

Camp Staff Application Form provides you with the applicants' personal and contact details, camp experience, the position they are applying for, their availability status, etc.

Summer Apprenticeship Application Form

Filter the applicants and find the best individual for the apprentice position by using this Summer Apprenticeship Application Form. This form consists of necessary questions and fields that will help you find a suitable candidate for an initial interview.

Summer Work Program Application Form

Help students conveniently submit their application forms for your summer work program. Use this Summer Work Program Application Form template and let them submit their request online and at any time.

Training Instructor Application Form

This form is to gather personal and contact details of the applicants together with their physical capabilities, health conditions, etc.

Staff Reference Form

Referee / reference form for camp staff applicant

Summer Camp Staff Training Assessment Tool

Summer Camp Staff Training Assessment Tool For Camp Rainbow