Volunteer Registration - Detailed

Volunteer Registration - Detailed

A detailed volunteer registration form for volunteering at events. Form Preview

    Astericked (*) fields are required. After submission, you will receive a confirmation email and periodic email updates about your volunteer assignment and the conference. 

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    Most volunteer duties require standing and walking. Please check the box below if you require a seated volunteer position, so that we can assign you accordingly. Note that there are a limited number of seated positions available.

  • Select your volunteer assignment choices in order of preference. Best effort will be made to assign you accordingly, but you may be reassigned based on need.


    You may select an optional Volunteer Training Session below. Otherwise, you will receive training when you check-in to volunteer.


    Please select one or more volunteer shift(s) from the list below. Volunteers who work a four hour shift will receive a free Day Pass to attend the Conference.  You may select more than one shift to receive additional Day Passes.

  • Dell Volunteers: please use the comments area below to note your affiliation (e.g., Dell Business Unit or department, ERG affiliation, Supply Chain Development Program, Summer Intern, etc.)

  • After you click Submit, you will receive an email confirmation, along with a link to edit your volunteer schedule.

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